Accelerated Bachelor’s + Master’s 5-Year Program Options

5-year plan
​Students majoring in dietetics (B.S.) or sustainable food and nutrition (B.A.) have the opportunity to apply for early admission into either of the two graduate programs offered by the School of Health Sciences and Wellness:

Advantages of the 5-Year Option

  • Efficient curriculum: 8 credits count in both the bachelor’s and master’s degrees
  • Save time: complete both degrees in 5 years
  • Seamless transition to the M.S., which will be required starting in 2024 for those seeking the RD credential
  • Flexibility: M.S. courses are 100% online and can be taken from anywhere

In semester 6 of the undergraduate program in dietetics or sustainable food and nutrition, students can apply for acceptance into the accelerated tracks. Prior to submitting an application, students must discuss their suitability for the accelerated track with their academic adviser prior to submitting an application. Acceptance into an accelerated track requires completion of the bachelor’s degree.

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