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Annie C. Wetter, Ph.D.

Annie Wetter Professor - Nutrition
Graduate Program Coordinator - Community and Organizational Leadership; Sustainable and Resilient Food Systems
236 CPS

Areas of Expertise 

  • Nutrient metabolism
  • Sports nutrition
  • Wellness
  • Community health promotion

Current Undergraduate Classes Taught 

  • FN 253 Introduction to Nutrition and Nutrient Metabolism

Research Interests

  • Community health promotion
  • Sports nutrition


  • Ph.D., Nutritional Sciences, UW-Madison
  • B.S., Biological Sciences, UC Davis

Professional Experience

  • 2010-17 Associate Dean/Head, School of Health Promotion and Human Development
  • 2013 Steering Committee, Hmong Health Coalition, Wausau, Wis.
  • 2008-president, Portage County Can Coalition
  • 2006-10 Associate Professor, UW-Stevens Point
  • 2001-06 Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics, UW-Stevens Point
  • 1999-2001 Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Tufts University
  • 1992-99 Graduate Student, UW-Madison 
  • 1990-92 Research Assistant, Dept of Animal Sciences, UC Davis

Selected Publications

  • Wetter, AC, Wetter, TJ, Schoonaert, KJ. Fitness and health in college students: changes across 15 years of assessment. JEP Online 16(5):1-9; 2013.
  • Mini-Chapter 3, "In Depth: Phytochemicals and Functional Foods.” In Nutrition: An Applied Approach, Thompson and Manore, 2nd ed. Benjamin Cummings Publishers, 2008.
  • McCarty, CA, DJ McCarty, AC Wetter.  Calories from newspaper dessert recipes are associated with community obesity rates. WMJ (Wisconsin Medical Journal) 106(2):68-70; 2007.
  • Wetter, AC, CD Economos.  Relationship between quantitative ultrasound, anthropometry and physical activity patterns in college aged adults. Osteop Intl 15:799-806; 2004
  • Wetter, AC, Goldberg, JP, King, AC, Sigman-Grant, M, Baer, R, Crayton, E, Devine, C, Drewnowski, A, Dunn, A, Johnson, G, Pronk, N, Saelens, B, Snyder, D, Walsh, K, Warland, R. How and why do individuals make food and physical activity choices? Partnership to Promote Healthy Eating and Active Living: Developing a Framework for Change. Nutr Rev 59(3 Pt 2):S11-20; 2001.

Research Projects

  • Conducting a health assessment of the Wausau Hmong community in collaboration with UW-Madison School of Medicine, Aspirus Healthcare, Hmong American Center and the Survey of the Health of Wisconsin. This pilot project will provide baseline data to conduct a larger survey and begin addressing health priorities identified by community members.
  • Assessing the impact of a Fruit & Vegetable Prescription program piloted by graduate student Ashley Chrisinger in collaboration with Central Rivers Farmshed and Aspirus Healthcare in Portage and Marathon counties in summer 2015. The results will inform the next iteration of the program which is planned to expand to include Wood county and add programming to more intensively impact skills and self-efficacy for preparing fresh produce at home.
  • Currently drafting manuscript related to the work of undergraduate dietetics students Matt Breit, Cody Hanick, and Jake Richmond entitled Effects of post-workout nutritional intervention during resistance training. Follow-up study in being planned.

Previous Courses Taught

  • FN 106 Introductory Foods
  • FN 151 Contemporary Nutrition
  • FN 347 Introduction to Foodservice Management
  • *FN 4/650 Nutrition for Fitness & Athletic Performance
  • FN 457 Advanced Human Nutrition & Metabolism
  • *FN 749 Seminar in Food & Nutrition
  • *FN 757 Sports Nutrition for Fitness and Athletic Performance (course for all backgrounds)
  • *FN 762 Outcomes Based Research
  • *FN 4/690 Nutrition & Athletic Performance (summer workshop)
  • *HCR 720 Outcomes Based Program Evaluation
  • HP/W 102 Healthy American
  • HP/W 360 Practicum in Health Promotion/Wellness – Nutrition Programming
  • *HP/W 4/690 Fundamental Principles of Strength & Conditioning (certification prep course)
  • †HP/W 430 Advanced Practicum in Exercise & Nutrition
* created course; † developed nutrition-related portion

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