Health and Human Performance Lab

Room 033 Marshfield Clinic Health System Champions Hall
(formerly Health Enhancement Center)

Health and Human Performance Lab

Register now for your health and fitness assessment!

Exercise testing services are temporarily suspended due to staff transition.

Your assessment will be conducted by a trained lab assistant. These tests will help you assess various health and fitness measures and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Results can aid you and/or your trainer in goal setting and developing appropriate exercise programs.

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Assessment Includes:

Height and Weight-BMI
Resting Heart Rate and Blood Pressure
Waist and Hip Circumferences
Body Composition
Muscular Strength
Cardiorespiratory Endurance


Full Health and Fitness Test
  • Faculty/Staff/Community: $20
  • UWSP Students: $10
Body Composition Only
(Skinfold and Bioelectrical Impedance techniques)
  • Faculty/Staff/Community: $10
  • UWSP Students: $7