Health Sciences Major-Health Care Administration

Application Instructions for HS 498 Experiential Internship*

Due Dates:
Spring Semester: Nov. 1
Summer and Fall Semesters: March 15

  1. Use this checklist as a guide to make sure you have completed all the required materials.
  2. Save all forms as Microsoft Word documents using the format indicated for each. This would be your last name and the abbreviations listed below.
  3. Review Hours/Credit Ratio Chart for expectations of hours each intern will be required to work.
  4. Review UWSP's Experiential Learning Sites or speak to Jodi Olmsted (CPS 130) for information about establishing experiential learning opportunities in your community or place of employment.

ALL FORMS MUST BE TYPED and emailed to the School of Health Sciences and Wellness by the due date. Please contact Jodi Olmsted, Internship Coordinator, for any questions or concerns.

  1. Application – Save as Last Name-App. Complete the application, including the reference section. Ask the individuals you are using as references if they are willing to serve as a reference. Be sure to verify the person’s email address and add the email address to the application under the person's name in the reference section. If you need to redo the application, click on Application and complete. Email application to the School of Health Sciences and Wellness by the due date.
  2. Resume - Update or create a resume and save as Last Name-Resume and email attachment to the School of Health Sciences and Wellness by the due date.
  3. Reference Form - ONLY complete Section 1 and put your name on the top of page 2. Save as Last Name-Ref. Do not give this form to your reference to complete.  Inform your reference that a reference form link will be emailed to them from the School of Health Care Professions office. Email Reference form to the School of Health Sciences and Wellness by the due date.
  4. Internship Preference Form - Save as Last Name-Pref. Indicate your Internship preference on this form. Make your choices from the following list: UWSP Experiential Learning Sites. Email Internship Preference from to the School of Health Sciences and Wellness by the due date. 

Upon confirmation of placement, you will receive an email with additional information and forms that will need to be completed and returned by the due date indicated.

*Please note that meeting or exceeding the requirements for eligibility to apply for the Experiential Internship does not guarantee placement.

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