Clinical Laboratory Science: Program Outcomes

The UW-Stevens Point clinical laboratory science program prepares clinical laboratory professionals for a career that involves diagnostic study of disease through performance and interpretation of laboratory tests. Complex testing is performed on blood, body fluids and tissues, providing physicians with the information to diagnose, treat, and monitor patients. 
Clinical laboratory scientists (CLS), also called medical laboratory scientists (MLS) or medical technologists (MT), work primarily in hospitals, physician's offices, reference laboratories, and phamaceutical and biotech industries.
Graduates are qualified to take the Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS) examination from the American Society for Clinical Pathology Board of Certification (ASCP-BOC) and be certified as Medical Laboratory Scientists.

Graduation Rate

Our graduation rate is defined as the number of students entering the professional phase of the CLS program in a certain year and completing the coursework and clinical rotation.

​# completed program within expected time frame
% completed program within expected time frame​
2016-2017​ ​ 43/45
2017-2018​ ​30/30
32/33​ ​97%
​2019-2020 27/28​ ​96%
​2020-2021 20/21​ 95%​
​5-year average = 97%

Board of Certification Examination Results

Our certification exam results indicate the number of graduates who were certified successfully within 1st year of graduation.

# taking exam​ # passed exam​ pass rate %

41​ ​33
30​ ​27
​2018-2019 29​ 26​ 90%​
​2019-2020 ​27 17​ 63%​
​2020-2021 16​ 11​ ​67%
​5-year average = 78%

Employment/Placement Rate

Our employment/placement rate is defined as the percentage of graduates who were employed in the field or in a closely related field) and/or continued their education within one year of graduation.  

# of graduates 
# of respondents
​% of respondents employed

43​ 35​ 100%​
30​ 26​ 100%​
32​ 2​5 100%​
2019-2020​ ​27 23​ ​100%
2020-2021​ 20 12 100%​
5-year average = 100%

Your Future

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts a rapid growth in the job market for clinical laboratory professionals with excellent employment opportunities. Due to the shortage of clinical laboratory professionals, graduates from our program have no problems finding jobs. Most have positions before they graduate.

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