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Community Sustainability B.S. major

Do you want the skills and knowledge to lead envirS Kaplan heat lecture.jpgonmental efforts for the 21st century? UW-Stevens Point led the development of a new major to integrate the social, ethical and political dimensions of environmental sciences with the tools to foster community change. This new bachelor's degree program launches in Fall 2022 and caters to science-focused students who want to put their knowledge to work in building and developing sustainable organizations or communities. The program complements exisiting sustainability degrees that center on resource management, food systems and education.

Students will gain a foundation in environmental science and climate change. In addition to the first 40 required core credits, students will choose an emphasis track of either resilient urban systems and policy or environmental justice and community leadership. Community Sustainability leverages robust skills in urban planning and policy, ethics, justice and organizational leadership.  

Several new courses, including Sustainability as a Profession, will be added to the fall course catalog in this key area of study.

"We haven't had a way to bring all the expertise together before," said geography professor Samantha Kaplan, one of the faculty who led planning for the new bachelor's of science. "We really wanted to make UW-Stevens Point a sustainability destination campus."

To learn more about enrollment, please email or call 715-346-2883. 


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