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Michael DemchikMichael Demchik, Ph.D.


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Phone: (715) 346-3214
Fax: (715) 346-3624
Office: TNR 246




Michael Demchik grew up in southern West Virginia in unincorporated Pond Fork. With freedom to explore the outdoors, a mountain on one side and stream on the other, a future career in natural resources just made sense. Demchik is currently a professor of silviculture at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. His previous positions included an Extension Forester specializing in farm forestry in Minnesota, a state Maple Syrup and Non-Timber Forest Products specialist in Pennsylvania and a number of other jobs ranging across federal, state and private industries in West Virginia, Maryland and Wisconsin.  


  • B.S.F. Forest Resources Management, West Virginia University
  • M.S. Biology, West Virginia University
  • Ph.D. Forest Resources, Pennsylvania State University

Honors and Awards

  • 2016  UW-Stevens Point Excellence in Teaching Award
  • 2015  CNR Outstanding Teaching Award
  • 2013  Wisconsin DNR Friend of Forestry Award
  • 2012  CNR Scholarship Award 
  • 2009  Leadership Mentor Award 
  • 2008  CNR Outstanding Professional Service Award 
  • 2007  CNR Outstanding Teaching Award 


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Demchik, M.C., Conrad, J. IV., and Vokoun, M.  2016.  Should unthinned oak stands of advanced age (≥ 60 yr) be thinned? Journal of Sustainable Forestry.  35(4):299-310. 

Demchik. M.C., Fischbach, J., and J. Hall.   2016.  Phenolics and antioxidant activity of American and hybrid hazelnuts.  American Journal of Essential Oils and Natural Products.  4(1):50-52 

Demchik, M., Fischbach, J., Kern, A., Turnquist, K. and Palmer, I.  2016.  Using microsatellite DNA to determine whether American hazelnut clumps are multiclonal.  Agroforestry Systems. 90(5): 927-931. 

Demchik, M., Fischbach, J. and Yates, M.  2016.  Physical characteristics and sensory analysis of American hazelnuts in comparison to Tonda di Giffoni. Agroforestry Systems. 90(5): 919-926. 

Schwartz, K. and M. Demchik.  2015.  Oak advance regeneration in common habitat types of central and northern Wisconsin.  Forest Science.  61(3): 548-553. 

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Central Hardwood Conference, 2016

  • Demchik, M.C., Schwartz, K.M., Mujuri, E., and Demchik, E.  2016.  The impact of oak reserve trees on regeneration in scrub oak sites (8 year results).  Central Hardwood Conference.
  • Demchik, M.C., Virden, S.M., Buchanan, Z.L., and Johnson, A.M.  2016. A stocking chart for burr oak savanna restoration. Central Hardwood Conference. 

Central Hardwood Conference, 2014

  • Demchik, M.  2014.  Impact of Habitat Type on Forage Quality of Seedling Oak Leaves in Central Wisconsin, USA.
  • M. Demchik, K. Schwartz, R. Braun and E. Scharenbrock.  2014.  Northern Red Oak Volume Growth on Four Northern Wisconsin Habitat Types. 
  • M. Demchik, K. Kurszewski, K. Johnson, and K. M. Schwartz.  2014.  Survey of Foresters Regarding Oak Silviculture. 
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