​Language Study Interdisciplinary Certificate

This Interdisciplinary Certificate is administered through the Department of English. 

Students from a variety of majors will find that this certificate valuable in that it allows them to learn about the human capability for language from a v
ariety of perspectives. These include language as an integrated system of rules (linguistics) as the result of specific cognitive processes (psychology), as a communicative pathology to be remediated (Communication Sciences and Disorders), and as a practical key into another linguistic world (World Languages). This certificate provides a solid foundation for students wishing to pursue graduate study in language-related fields such as linguistics, rhetoric, psychology, sociology, philosophy, communication, and foreign languages.

The Language Study Interdisciplinary Certificate satisfies the Interdisciplinary Studies GEP requirement. 

Consists of 21 credits (13 credits + WL requirement) 

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For advising questions contact:
James Berry, Associate Professor
English Department

Call or email the School of Humanities and Global Studies