Rebecca Stephens

Professor and Department Chair
Women's and Gender Studies Coordinator


Ph.D.: Washington State University
M.A.: Western Michigan University
B.B.A.: Western Michigan University 

About Me 

Professional Biography
I came to teaching after being an accountant, a technical writer, and a corporate trainer, so doing all of these jobs made me realize how important it is to be able to write well and be adept at critical analysis. 

Research and Scholarly Interests
My research focuses on analyzing gender, national identity, and performance in a variety of contexts—from Harry Potter to reality TV. I teach courses for the English Education program and classes in American literature, including Major Author classes on contemporary playwrights from Lillian Hellman to Anna Deavere Smith, and special topics courses like Witchcraft and Witch-Hunts in Literature.

Personal Biography
For fun I like to run, skijor, ski, dance, knit, read, and play the violin.

Campus and/or Community Involvement


  • Women’s and Gender Studies Coordinator, Co-Chair UW System WGS Consortium, English Department Chair
  • Friends of the Tomorrow/Waupaca River, Portage County Cultural Festival
Messages to Students

What do you enjoy most about teaching? 
What do you enjoy most about teaching? It’s always interesting—new students, new ideas, fresh takes on old ideas, exploring different beliefs, experiences, and ways of thinking. Teaching is like reading a novel: you never know what the conclusion will be, but the process of getting there and the twists and turns of the journey keep you engaged. Working with future English teachers is a special joy since it keeps me reflecting on my own teaching practices and these exceptional students consistently challenge me to be a better teacher. 

What do you want students gain from your teaching?
What do you want students gain from your teaching? That their ideas and experiences matter and that it’s important to test our own ideas by looking at them through the lens of others’ words. My goal is always that students in my classes walk away with something that helps them in their lives outside the classroom. Whether they’re reading a novel written in 1946 or watching a documentary from 2018, I want them to make a connection to what matters today, especially how learning about others’ experiences helps us to react thoughtfully and respectfully to new ideas. Reading is powerful, and I hope students experience that power in my classroom.
Contact Information
486A Collins Classroom Center
​Stevens Point

​Courses Taught

​ENGL 101
Freshman English
​ENGL 108/308
​Reading Drama
​ENGL 150
​Advanced Freshman English
​ENGL 202
​Sophomore English
​ENGL 214
American Literature II
​ENGL 254
Introduction to Technical Writing
​ENGL 312/512
Modern Drama
​ENGL 354/554
​Advanced Scientific and Technical Writing
​ENGL 355
​Methods of Teaching Composition (Middle and Secondary)
​ENGL 356/556
​Methods of Teaching Literature (Middle and Secondary)
​ENGL 375/575
​Literature for Adolescents
​ENGL 382/582
​Ethnic Literature of the United States
​ENGL 383/583
​Themes in Literature: Witchcraft and Witch-hunts in Literature
​ENGL 385
​Major Authors
ENGL 386
​Major Authors of Ethnic Literature
ENGL 393
​Technologies for English Education
​ENGL 396
​Workshop in Drama: On-Site Study of Contemporary Theatre
ENGL 494
Senior Project
​ENGL 497
​Senior Seminar in English Education
ENGL 786
​Selected Literary Topics: Performance and Nationalism
​ENGL 719
​American Novel
ENGL 795
​WGS 105
​Intro to Women's and Gender Studies
​WGS 396