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Mary Bowman



Ph.D.: Duke University, 1993
M.A.: Duke University, 1988
B.A.: College of William and Mary, 1986 

Certificate in Women’s Studies, Duke University, 1989 

About Me 

Professional Biography
I teach courses in medieval and Renaissance literature (English 211, 321, 323, 330, and 336), in addition to Freshman English, and occasionally Old English as well (English 346). I joined the English Department at UWSP in the fall of 1998 after teaching at Pikeville College (Kentucky), Northern Virginia Community College, Lord Fairfax Community College, and Shenandoah University (all in Virginia).

Personal Biography 
I am originally from Northern Virginia, just outside Washington, D.C. My non-work activities include singing in choirs, swimming, and spending time with my dog.

Campus and/or Community Involvement
I was on the General Education Committee for seven years and chaired it for four of those years. I served as Chair of the Common Council from 2018-2020. 

Research and Scholarly Interests
My research interests include narrative and lyric poetry (especially epic and romance), reader response, and feminist criticism. Most recently I have worked on modern adaptations of and responses to medieval models of heroism. 

Messages to Students

What do you enjoy most about teaching?
I enjoy watching students develop as readers and writers and learning about what their passions are. I also enjoy sharing my interests with them—and there’s nothing better than when a student tells me they have developed a new appreciation for something that we read together in class.

What do you want students gain from your teaching?
Well, lots of things. Greater confidence as writers and a broader repertoire of strategies for tackling any writing task they may encounter, a deepened love of literature as well as keener analytical skills, and more openness to unfamiliar texts and diverse people probably top the list. 

Contact Information
​CCC 433
Stevens Point

​Courses Taught

​ENGL 101
Freshman English
​ENGL 150
​Advanced Freshman English
​ENGL 202
​​Sophomore English
​ENGL 211
English Literature I
​ENGL 289
​Popular Literature
​ENGL 321/521
​​​English Literature to 1485
ENGL 323/523
British Literature Before 1790, Excluding Drama
​ENGL 330/530
​ENGL 336/536
​ENGL 346/546
​​​Old English