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Assistant Professor


Ph.D., English (Linguistics, Rhetoric/Composition) - Arizona State University
M.A.English (Linguistics) - Arizona State University
B.A., English (Literature) - University of Florida


James Berry earned his BA in English at the University of Florida, and his MA and PhD in English Linguistics at Arizona State University, where his academic interests included generative syntax, language change, sociolinguistics, pragmatics, and language contact.

Dr. Berry’s current research is primarily focused on the rise of sentence adverbs in the history of English (and other languages such as Mandarin Chinese), with a particular concentration on the use of certain sentence adverbs as secondary predicates with pragmatic meaning. Other current research interests include discourse, onomastics, and stylistics.​


Contact Information
441 Collins Classroom Center
​Stevens Point

​Courses Taught

​ENGL 101
Freshman English
​ENGL 106
​Reading Fiction
​ENGL 150
​Advanced Freshman English
​ENGL 202
​​Sophomore English
​ENGL 310/510
Modern Short Story
​ENGL 342/542
​​​English Grammars
​ENGL 344/544
​History of the English Language
​ENGL 345/545
​English Language for Teachers
​ENGL 395/595
Workshop in English​
​ENGL 397
​​​​​Capstone Course for the Interdisciplinary Certificate in Language