_Roloff David - HEADSHOT.jpgDavid Roloff

Associate Professor

Ed.D.:  Teaching and Learning,
                 University of Minnesota, Duluth
M.S.:    Applied Learning and Leadership, 
                 University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
B.A.:    English Education, 
                 University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

About Me

Professional Biography   

After graduating from UWSP’s English Education program I taught high school English Language Arts at Two Rivers High School for nearly a decade; while there, I earned an MS from UW-Green Bay focused on Interdisciplinary Studies and Methodology and worked to attain certification from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. After returning to UWSP and to the English Education Program in 2007, I began a doctoral program at the University of Minnesota, work which I completed in 2012; my dissertation focused on feedback loops within Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) and the features of such systems that lead to the greatest gains in teacher and student learning.  In my current role I work closely with students in our English Education Program; it is extremely rewarding to mentor pre-service teachers in multiple English methods classes, arrange and oversee student teaching placements, and regularly visit my newest colleagues in their classrooms.

Personal Biography 

Originally from Wausau, I’m pleased to call Central Wisconsin my home; much of my extended family still lives in the area.  My wife and I love the Stevens Point area and have found it to be the perfect place to raise our two sons.

Research and Scholarly Interests

Writing instruction; Professional Learning Communities (PLCs); Feedback loops within educational systems

Campus or community involvement

  • Chair, Wisconsin Conference on English Education
  • Co-Chair, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction English Language Arts Standards Review Committee
  • Executive Board, Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English
  • UWSP English Department’s Student Recruitment and Retention Committee
  • UWSP English Education Representative on the Professional Education Advisory Committee

Messages to Students

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

Given that I regularly work with pre-service teachers, I find myself constantly telling others that it is our responsibility as educators to help our students become the next best version of themselves; to make this possible I need to first understand and appreciate my students for who they are and what they bring to the classroom.  As one might suspect, I am therefore most alive as a teacher when I am able to help my students uncover their passions and apply the skillset they are developing to the task at hand, whatever that might be.  For students in one of my composition classes that might be finding success with a piece of creative writing or being able to compose successful personal and professional arguments to address problems which have captured their attention or that they are facing in their personal lives.  For my pre-service teachers that might be brainstorming ideas for a lesson they’re developing or discussing how that lesson unfolded and what they’ve come to better understand about themselves and their students as learners.  Whatever it is, I am most engaged when my students feel empowered. 

What do you want students gain from your teaching?

I want students to appreciate that to learn you must be vulnerable.  That to make progress you must take learning risks and step into the uncomfortable and the unknown.  That to go far you must go together.  And that to truly learn something, to truly own knowledge, you need to have internalized and reflected on the process , not simply memorized discrete bits of knowledge or completed tasks.  This is what I want students to take away from our shared learning experiences. 
Contact Information
CCC 436
​Stevens Point

​Courses Taught

​ENGL 101
Freshman English
​ENGL 150
​Advanced Freshman English
​ENGL 202
​​Sophomore English
​ENGL 250
Intermediate Composition
​​ENG 355/555
​Methods of Teaching Composition
(Middle and Secondary)
​ENGL 497
​Senior Seminar in English Education
​ENGL 381/581
​Reading for the English Teacher
​ENGL 394/594
​​​​​Methods of Teaching Composition and Literature for Non-English Majors
​English Education ​
​ENED 395
​Broadfield Language arts Field Experience
​ENED 396
English Education Practicum
ENED 398
​Student Teaching in English
​ENED 400
​Seminar on Teaching for Student/Intern Teachers of English
ENED 498
Intern Teaching