​PK-18 Council for Central Wisconsin

Improving student achievement through enhanced educator effectiveness and increased organizational capacity in Central Wisconsin

The PK-18 Council for Central Wisconsin works to enhance collaboration between PK-12 school districts and institutions of higher education for the purpose of improving student learning.

All members of the Council share the common goal of assuring that our collective efforts significantly impact education in our region of Wisconsin.

PK-18 Council Goals

Align pre-service teacher and practicing teacher experiences with the Wisconsin Teacher Standards

Develop post-graduate and professional development delivery models for our region that emphasize research-based, best practices and utilize the talent within this region

Determine additional regional strategies to support Wisconsin educator quality initiatives

Assess regional PK-18 education programming to determine logical places for future collaboration and avenues for joint partnership

PK-18 Council Work Teams

Work Team #1:
Implementing Best Practice/ Professional Development
  • To increase professional development opportunities for classroom teachers in order to identify and support struggling readers
  • To increase professional development opportunities for grade 5-10 math teachers in order to improve student learning
Work Team #2:
Developing Leadership Capacity
  • To clarify standardized testing and assessment
  • To create a supportive work environment for teachers
  • To create political savvy among administrators, teacher leaders, pre-service teacher leaders
  • To explore grant writing opportunities
Work Team #3:
Building a Seamless System of Educator Quality
  • To continue to foster PK-18 partnerships
  • To continue to facilitate a clear understanding of Wisconsin Teacher Standards & Assessment tools
  • To create political savvy among administrators, teacher leaders, pre-service teacher leaders
  • To develop quality mentor relationships


Regional administrators, curriculum directors, university faculty and staff, and representatives from other organizations participated in the formation of the PK-18 Council for Central Wisconsin.

The model for the Council is based on the Education Trust (Washington, DC) and Wisconsin’s statewide PK-16 Council.

Our Objective

The PK-18 Council for Central Wisconsin enhances the collaboration between PK-12 school districts and institutions of higher education for the purpose of maximizing student potential.

This collaboration benefits area school districts and universities as they work together to address the challenges of improving student learning and the implementation of the Wisconsin Teacher Standards.

As schools face tougher economic times, the need to share ideas and strategies simply makes good sense.

Guiding Principles 

  • Address each conversation and initiative as a PK-18 partnership
  • Ensure our regional efforts are supported by research-based best practices
  • Collaborate with agencies, organizations and institutions of higher education to further our purpose
  • Establish a form for initiatives and issues to be brought forward, discussed and resolved
  • Commit to developing the capacity of the collaborating members of the Council and the council as a whole
  • Facilitate the professional growth and development of regional leaders

Collaborating Members

Abbotsford School District
Arbor Vitae – Woodruff School District
D.C. Everest Area School District
Marathon School District
Marshfield School District
Merrill Area Public Schools
School District of Auburndale
Stevens Point Area Public School District
Stratford School District
Tomahawk School District
Tomorrow River School District
Unified School District of Antigo
UW-Marathon County
UW-Marshfield/Wood County
UW-Stevens Point
Wausau School District
Wisconsin Education Association Council
Wisconsin Institute for Public Policy & Service
Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools

The Council meets five times each year at various locations in Central Wisconsin.

Contact Information

Professor Patty Caro
Associate Dean and Head of the School of Education
School of Education
Univeristy of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
1901 Fourth Avenue
Stevens Point, WI 54481
Fax: 715-346-4846