Foundations of Reading Test (FoRT): Workshops

Summer FoRT Tutoring Opportunity

The SOE, in collaboration with the Tutor Learning Center, is excited to be offering FREE FoRT Tutoring again this summer. We are currently recruiting participants for our "Professional FoRT Tutoring." Students will meet with a licensed teacher/Reading Specialist who will guide small groups through questions from the FoRT practice tests. The content of the tutoring sessions will focus on the ability to determine correct and incorrect answers on sample test questions.  The goal of the sessions is to support participants in being able to provide rationale for why a particular answer is correct, while the others are incorrect. Each group will meet for 10, 1-hour sessions.
We are incredibly excited to have the knowledge-base of a licensed reading specialist to support you in your preparation for the FoRT.

When are the sessions?

June 1st-August 11 (No tutoring the week of July 4th, so no tutoring on July 6 or 7). 
Wednesdays at 2pm - 10 sessions, starting June 1st (no tutoring on July 6)
Wednesdays at 3pm
Wednesdays at 4pm
Thursdays at 4pm - 10 sessions, starting June 2nd (no tutoring on July 7)
Thursdays at 5pm
 All sessions run for one hour, online via Zoom
**Sign up 24 hours or more in advance to get the Zoom link

How do I sign up?

Please fill out the form to reserve your spot!

Tutoring sessions are scheduled to run a a total of 10 hours to provide you with a high enough level of support and intensity...Furthermore, your consistent attendance ensures that you are present for any follow-up support with a topic that your group has identified as an area of need.  


Workshop dates will be posted as they are added.

Questions: Amber Garbe,

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