Foundations of Reading Test (FoRT): FoRT Alternative

Alternative Pathway for Licensure-Act 44

In the summer of 2020, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) approved students seeking licensure in special education to either take and pass the Foundations of Reading Test (FoRT) or to successfully complete an alternative to the FoRT.   The following information describes the two options; please take the time to read through it fully. These two options apply for students solely seeking special education licensure or are in the CWIC program. Please note, if you are majoring in elementary education AND special education, you need to pass the FoRT for your elementary education teaching license. Please note, if you already have gone through a certification program for a program that requires the FoRT [eg: Early Childhood Education, MC-EA Regular Education (ages 6-13) and EA-MC Regular Education (ages 0-11)] you will still need to pass the Fort to obtain that license. 

Option 1 - FoRT - The candidate demonstrates proficiency to teach reading by taking and passing the Foundation of Reading Test. Take and pass the Foundations of Reading Test with a score of 240 or higher. Information about the FoRT, including resources for how to prepare, can be found here:

Option 2 - Alternative Pathway -The candidate demonstrates proficiency to teach reading by completing three components listed below: 

1. Complete one of the following “course of study” with a grade of C- or better in each class 

  • Course of Study 1: EDUC 302 & EDUC 309
  • Course of Study 2: EDUC 718 & EDUC 715
  • Course of Study 3: EDUC 718 & EDUC 747

2. Participate in coaching sessions with a reading specialist or another person that meets the DPI definition of “expert in teaching reading.” If you currently work for a school district, we suggest you collaborate with a reading specialist (license #17/5017) employed by your school district. If you do not not have access to a reading specialist, you may work with a UWSP faculty member.  You may contact Dr. Lynda Ferholz ( or Dr. Amber Garbe ( to schedule coaching sessions.*

*If you complete all of your Course of Study 1, 2, or 3 during Fall 2020 semester or after, this component is embedded in your courses.  You must work with the instructors of your course of study to document and receive verification of your participation in coaching.  If you completed part or all of your Course of Study 1, 2, or 3 prior to the Fall 2020 semester, please review the materials below to learn more about how to complete this component.


3. Create an electronic portfolio containing specific lesson plans, artifacts, and reflections.

Additional details about each of these three components required for the Option 2 - Alternative Pathway can be found here: 

If you have questions about this requirement, please contact Nikki Logan (, Amber Garbe (, or Maggie Beeber [ or call the SOE Academic and Career Advising office at (715) 346-2040].

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