​Add-On Applications

Licensing Directions 

Step 1: New License Approval Request

Submit a completed approval request packet to UWSP via email. We are not able to process requests unless final course grades are posted, packets are complete and all requested information is filled in accurately and completely.

Submit all materials to: field.experiences@uwsp.edu

NOTE: If using email, we suggest whiting out any SS# listed on documentation you are submitting as it can be stolen as it is being sent.

Also, please list "Add-on Request" or the license being requested in the subject line, or include a description in the email. Simply sending a blank email with an attachment may cause it to be filtered out as junk.


  • Copies of transcripts for any courses (non-UWSP courses) taken after you received your certification outline from us, if they are required for your new license(s).
  • Content Knowledge Requirement - Demonstrate content knowledge by either 1) obtaining a 3.00 or higher in each teaching major and teaching minor or 2) submit passing scores on the required Praxis Subject Assessment exams. Students must meet one of the above requirements for teacher licensure.  For information on Praxis Exam, please see pages 9-10 in the School of Education Advising Guide
  • In the case of French, German and Spanish, passing ACTFL score report.
  • Copy of passing Foundations of Reading Test score report, if required - A score of 240 or higher is required. This is a state-legislated requirement to add-on Early Childhood, Elementary, Elementary/Middle school, all special education fields and Reading Teacher. If you are a life-time licensed teacher (or currently Professional Educator license), you do not need this test.
If you are seeking the Reading Specialist license and are not already certified with another administrative lifetime license, a passing score on the Foundations of Reading Test is required.
  • Please do not assume we have these scores on file. We have had issues with receiving test scores from the testing companies.

Step 2: UWSP Uploads License Approval

Once we have received approval from the appropriate person on campus, we will upload your approval to DPI's website. You will receive an email from Maggie Beeber, Teacher Certification Officer, once your approval has been uploaded. You will not be able to apply online earlier than this.
This process may take 2-3 weeks.

Step 3: Online Application

Go to DPI's website to complete the online application. We have attempted to write out directions that will assist you in preparing for the online application process, as well as directions in case you get stuck on their website. We recommend reading through these directions immediately as there are documents you may need to prepare in advance.
If you have any feedback on these directions, please let us know as we will continue to work to improve upon them.

Step 4: Obtaining Copy of License

DPI will contact you using the email you provide to them with questions, concerns or to inform you that your license has been processed. Once you receive this email, you are invited to go to DPI's website to print out your new license. DPI is expecting the process, once you have completed your online application and made a payment, to take up to 10 days. It may take longer if anything is missing or if your Conduct and Competency Check takes longer.

Licensing Questions?

Maggie Beeber, Teacher Certification Officer

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