UWSP made the decision in 2008 to transition to self-operated dining after many decades of contracted food service. In June 2009, Dining and Summer Conferences (DSC) was created as a department within the Division of Student Affairs and we have been serving the campus community ever since. DSC is self-supporting and receives no funding from the University, State, or Federal resources. DSC is managed very much like a commercial restaurant operation. All expenses incurred, including the cost of food, wages & benefits, operating supplies, utilities, repairs & maintenance, and occupancy costs, must be covered by revenue generated across the units on campus.

We are the largest student employer and we deliver over 1.3 million meals per year to students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Retail operations include Lower Marketplace, DUC Food Court, Homegrown Café, and Common Ground Café. Upper Dining Hall is our all-you-care-to-eat dining center which primarily serves our residential student population. Catering handles both internal and external clients and serves over 800 events per year. We place a strong emphasis on quality, value, student employment, and sustainability.


As a student-focused organization, Dining and Summer Conferences enhances the educational experience by creating sustainable meals and nourishing a diverse community.

Guiding Principles

  • Create a collaborative work environment that educates and engages our student employees.
  • Integrate sustainability initiatives that support the environmental mission of the University.
  • Prepare enticing food and menus that feed our culinary senses.
  • Share our knowledge of food trends and nutrition.
  • Commit to excellence, integrity, quality, and value.
  • Cultivate community and build lasting relationships.


Dining and Summer Conferences seeks to bring diversity to the table by engaging the campus community with innovative hospitality.

Strategic Planning

  • We will continually review and harness new and emerging technologies to maximize service delivery.
  • We will work closely with marketing professionals to develop strategies to effectively tell our story and communicate with the campus community and beyond.
  • We will provide innovative, comfortable, well maintained, cost-effective, and modern facilities that encourage community interaction.
  • We will provide on-going training and professional development opportunities ensuring highly skilled, engaged, and productive staff while increasing retention and excellence in customer service.
  • We will maintain fiscal focus to support short-term and long-term operational and strategic goals while being sensitive to the rising costs of higher education for students.
  • We will create an environment for learning and culinary exploration through special events and educational programming.
  • We will continue to develop and expand sustainability initiatives in support of the University’s strategic plan.
  • We will commit resources to continually improve culinary execution and innovation.