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​UWSP Department Catering Services

Meal Vouchers

Meal Vouchers allow individuals to eat on campus at any of our 5 dining locations
Meal Voucher Policies:

  • You must request according to dining rates and hours. 
  • All requests need to be placed a minimum of one week in advance in order to process.
  • If the dollar amount exceeds those above for the DUC or C-Store, you must pay the remainder.
  • Meal Vouchers will be valid for the menu that is running on the day that the vouchers are to be redeemed.
  • Pricing for vouchers requested can be adjusted to meet the needs or requests of the particular group or event.
  • It is understood that neither location can be reserved exclusively for the event; locations are in operation to meet the needs of the students and faculty of the UWSP campus.
  • If the request for Meal Vouchers does not fit within the parameters of the policies, the event will be considered a Catered Event and will be subject to the Catered Events policies, pricing, and availability.
  • Meal Vouchers usage will be tracked on the day(s) they are redeemed.
Meal Vouchers can be picked up on the third floor of the DUC at the On Point Catering desk located in the DUC Admin Complex.

Catered Events

On Point Catering can serve any type of event, from a Continental Breakfast to a Multi-Course Meal. We're also willing to customize any of our menu items to provide you with the dining experience you wish to have at your catered event.

DUC Events

All events for groups and organizations which are held in the DUC are required to use On Point Catering for their services. If these groups cannot meet the required event costs as developed by On Point Catering, they will need to secure facilities and services at a location other than the DUC. Student organizations that request waivers of On Point Catering services will be granted those waivers on a case by case basis.