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The College of Professional Studies (CPS) at UW-Stevens Point was created in the early 1970s to house many of the university's pre-professional programs. With majors in CPS as diverse as business administration, economics, education, dietetics, communication sciences and disorders, health sciences, health promotion and wellness or clinical lab sciences, you may wonder what is the common thread.
Preparation for a profession is the answer. Pre-professional programs typically require a lot of supervised and graded practicum experiences/labs, where for instance, athletic training students actually tape ankles or education students tutor 6th graders. Practicums and labs help students to affirm their interest in the major. These hands-on experiences also help the faculty to see if the students can actually DO the job well, not just talk about it.
Pre-professional majors require students to work a semester or longer actually on the job in an apprentice role, where they are graded by both university faculty and the practitioners under whom they work. This culminating experience is called different things by different majors: student teaching, internship, externship or clinical experiences. CPS students achieve acceptance into prestigious internships at a rate higher than the national average.
Pre-professional programs are normally nationally accredited, an assurance that the curriculum, faculty and student experiences are at a high standard. Often students in pre-professional programs must pass national tests. Test scores for CPS majors are considerably higher than the national average.
CPS has always had a deep interest in teaching and in the last decade declared a "Focus on Teaching," which has led to very high scores on the National Survey of Student Engagement, to renovated classrooms and labs throughout the college, and a nationally recognized Teaching Partners program. The college is also active in promoting diversity, global understanding, sustainability (especially with local farmers), personal/family/community wellness and mutually beneficial partnerships.
The college enrolls about 3,400 undergraduates and 200 graduate and continuing education students. Job placement or advanced graduate study in professional fields for all majors is above 94 percent.
The units and majors in the college are:
  • School of Business and Economics with majors in accounting, business administration, data analytics, economics, finance, management and marketing, plus an MBA program. There are about 1,200 students in this program.
  • School of Education with majors in early childhood education, elementary education, special education and physical education, plus a graduate program and Ed.D. This is a large program with about 1,200 undergraduate students and 800 teachers in graduate programs.
  • School of Health Sciences and Wellness with 10 undergraduate majors and 10 graduate programs, this is one of the largest schools on campus.
  • Department of Military Science with a minor in military science in the Army ROTC program.
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