I have been diagnosed with COVID-19, now what? 

Who needs to know?

1.   First, isolate yourself from others. Follow CDC isolation guidelines.

2.   Notify close contacts.

  • Use the WI Exposure Notification App.
  • Want to remain anonymous but still notify close contacts?
    The online tool "Tell Your Contacts" allows for anonymous text or email notifications. To send notifications from this tool:

1.      Visit tellyourcontacts.org.

2.      Select email or text notification.

3.      Enter your contacts' information and exposure date.

4.      Select either the pre-written message or customize your own. You do not need to enter your name.

5.      Send your message.

Report your COVID-19 home test result (positive or negative)

At-home COVID-19 tests allow us to easily find out whether we’re infected with the COVID-19 virus. Sharing your test result can help the people who work to keep us safe from this disease determine how fast the virus is spreading, or where surges are happening.

Share your positive or negative test result at https://makemytestcount.org/

The data from MakeMyTestCount helps public health teams track virus spread while keeping your personal test results private and anonymous.

Report positive at-home test result to Portage County

Students and employees living in Portage County may report their positive COVID-19 home test results to Portage County directly.

Use the Portage County Health and Human Services form to self-report. 

For more information about how to receive free at-home tests see At Home Tests - Information on Coronavirus | UWSP