​Frequently Asked Questions

Employee Daily Symptom Screening

These FAQs apply to faculty, staff and student employees.

 How is the screening process completed?

Employees who are NOT vaccinated should use the Daily Symptom Screening Form prior to going to a UW-Stevens Point location for work. Following the instructions in the Employee COVID-19 Symptom Screening Job Aid for completing the self-screening and determining next steps.

 How often should I conduct the screening?

If you are not vaccinated, conduct the screening once prior to each on-site work shift and call your supervisor if they have a positive symptom response on the screening.

If planning to visit campus for non-work reasons, we encourage you to self-screen using the CDC guidelines before going to the UW-Stevens Point location. If you indicate you have any of the symptoms, do not visit a UW-Stevens Point location.

 What if I don’t have a thermometer to determine if I have a fever?

You are encouraged to purchase a thermometer so that you can take your temperature prior to arriving at a UW-Stevens Point location for work. If you do not have a thermometer and are unable to purchase one, consider if you feel feverish. Feverish symptoms include feeling unusually warm to the touch, flushed appearance/face, glassy eyes, and/or chills. If you cannot assess whether you have a fever or feel feverish, focus on the other listed questions to guide you through the screening. 

 What if I have underlying health condition that has one or more symptoms which overlap with the coronavirus symptoms?

The UW-Stevens Point COVID-19 Symptom Screening tool asks you to review symptoms which are beyond/worse than an existing medical condition. We do not know if your symptom is COVID-19 related and/or if you otherwise are a carrier for COVID-19. For these reasons, answer the symptom screening honestly in light of or on top of any current, known conditions. In the event you have medical symptoms which overlap between an existing medical condition and COVID-19, you are encouraged to seek medical guidance from your health care provider or a medical facility.

 What if I report a positive symptom on the screening?

A positive response on the symptom screening occurs if you indicate during the symptom screening process that you have experienced one or more of the listed COVID-19 symptoms.

Do not report to the UW-Stevens Point location, contact your supervisor regarding your absence, and follow the guidance in the Employee COVID-19 Symptom Screening Job Aid for other next steps and expectations.

 Who pays for me to take a COVID-19 test?

If you report a positive response to a question within the Daily Symptom Screening Form you should seek health care guidance from your provider or a medical facility. Your health care provider may recommend you be tested for COVID-19. Employees are responsible for the related costs of testing; however, many plans include such testing in their wellness benefits. Speak with your health insurance provider regarding this matter. 

 What should I do if I submit mistaken answers on the daily symptom screening form?

If you submit the form with a mistaken response (i.e. a 'no' response when you meant 'yes' or a 'yes' response when you meant 'no'): Submit a second Daily Symptom Screening Form with the correct responses. Confirm the accurate screening for your supervisor. Discuss with your supervisor the appropriate expectations for the day based on the correct symptom screening information.

 Who is reviewing the answers to the self-screening checklist and making decisions on who is allowed to work?

Supervisors receive an email from the eForm system and will receive a phone call from the employee when a positive screening occurs. Supervisors will also be able to see which employees have completed the screening. The decision for who is allowed to work is a function of the daily screening.

 Do HIPAA disclosure laws apply to the health information collected?

No. Generally, HIPAA does not apply to the health information collected by most employers. HIPAA also does not apply to symptom screening by employers. Please know that we are not storing answers to specific symptoms, we are only gathering whether the screening tool was completed and if the employee reported covered symptoms. 

 What if I do not have access to complete the symptom screening tool online?

Inform your supervisor proactively/as soon as possible if you know you may have concerns/issues the symptom screening tool online. Your supervisor should be able to provide you a paper form to reference at home.

If you are at home and cannot access the form online, work with your supervisor on how the screening can be completed. 

 I do not want to complete the form. Who do I contact?

Contact your supervisor if you are declining to complete the form to discuss your reason and to determine whether it is a protected reason or not.

 Who decides what constitutes a “protected reason” for not completing the symptom screening?

Your supervisor will consult with Human Resources to review and determine whether the stated reason constitutes a "protected reason" under the law.

 What if I witness an employee exhibiting a symptom of COVID-19 at a UW-Stevens Point location?

If you are a fellow employee, report this information to your supervisor.

If you are the supervisor, reference the Return to UW-Stevens Point Locations Supervisor Guide and Pivot Point via the UW-Stevens Point COVID-19 Webpage.


 What is my role as a supervisor in symptom screening?

Reference the Return to UW-Stevens Point Locations Supervisor Guide in the COVID-19 Screening Guidance section.

 How will UWSP gain/ensure compliance that employees are completing the screening tool?

Supervisors will need to check the "knowledge view" of the COVID-19 symptom screening tool to verify that their employees who are on campus have completed it..

 What will we do if employees or students do not complete the form?

For employees, see Return to UW-Stevens Point Locations Supervisor Guide under the COVID-19 Screening Guidance-Refused Screening section. Student Health Services will not be verifying that students have completed the screening tool as we do not have an effective way to know which students are on-campus on any particular day. However, the screening tool will be monitored in general to ensure it is being used.

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