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The UW-Stevens Point has become a new kind of public university to meet the challenges of the 21st century. We are more engaged with area stakeholders, more responsive to local needs and more relevant to solving regional problems. By acting in greater harmony with communities, UW-Stevens Point ensures that central and northern Wisconsin will remain a great place to work, live, learn and thrive. What can we do for your community? Find out in the links below.

UW-Stevens Point is positioned to meet the challenges of the 21st century through our engagement with area stakeholders, responsiveness to local needs, and preparedness to solve regional problems. UW-Stevens Point is here to ensure central and northern Wisconsin will remain a great place to work, live, learn and thrive. Discover what UW-Stevens Point can do for you!

 College of Fine Arts and Communication

Division of Interior Architecture faculty and staff have a wide range of expertise in the design field including office, retail, residential, green/sustainable, and lighting design, as well as knowledge of the history architecture and decorative arts, culture and design, and historic preservation. 

Printing and Design provides a wide array of high quality, convenient, and affordable printing services.

School of Design and Communication students and staff are here for all your design needs. 

 College of Letters and Science

Center for the Small City researches topics pertaining to small cities, provides consultation services to local governments and community organizations, and collects and disseminates information related to micropolitan (fewer than 50,000 people) areas.

GIS Center conducts and disseminates Geographic Information Systems education and research to foster a highly-skilled, multi-disciplinary GIS workforce and to confront spatial challenges important to Wisconsin's citizens.

Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility is locate in Bayfield, Wis. and promotes public education and advances the discovery, dissemination and application of knowledge for sustainable aquaculture in a northern climate.

 College of Natural Resources

Water and Environmental Analysis Lab offers analytical, research, and educational services to the public:
  • Homeowner's well water analyses and interpretation
  • Groundwater management practices for groundwater protection
  • Educational homeowner well water outreach programs
  • Lake, river, and watershed water resources studies, planning, and recommendations
Center for Land Use Education creates learning opportunities for communities to help them make sound land use decisions that result in a sustainable Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education   provides professional development, hands-on classroom resources, curriculum for energy, environmental, and forestry education, and guidance and resources for Green and Healthy Schools Wisconsin.

 College of Professional Studies

Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic offers a full range of speech/language diagnostic and therapy services as well as assessment and treatment for communication concerns and comprehensive hearing evaluations and counseling for children and adults.

Gesell Institute offers a 4K program and 3-year old preschool through the Stevens Point Public School District.

Center for Business and Economic Insight provides economic analysis and is an indispensable source of applied business knowledge for local businesses and community leaders.

Center for Economic Education advocates for better school-based economic and personal finance education at the K-12 level through up-to-date curriculum resources for Wisconsin educators. 
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