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Develop Systems & Diet Strategies to Reduce Yellow Perch Larval Mortality

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The USDA-North Central Region Aquaculture Council (NCRAC) provided funding to investigate and develop systems and diet strategies to reduce yellow perch larval mortality burst.  Working collaboratively with the Ohio State University and Iowa State University, the UWSP-NADF is rearing yellow perch intensively and investigating different rearing attributes such as tank color, spray bar effects and turbidity levels. The UWSP-NADF has completed year 3 and has created a video PowerPoint through NCRAC. This study will provide useful information concerning commercial intensive rearing of yellow perch for Wisconsin and the Midwest.

View the PowerPoint video presentation on NCRAC website regarding the project results and conclusions derived from the research done at UWSP NADF...


This project has also been featured in Aquaculture North America Magazine...

Photos: Top- Intensive Rearing System for Yellow Perch at UWSP NADF. Right- Intensively reared larval yellow perch at two weeks post hatch showing gas bladder inflation and feed acceptance

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