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The Radial Flow Settler Design

The new 6 foot tank design uses a built in Radial Flow Settler (RFS) which uses gravity to concentrate the solids of the water from the bottom tank drain, described in the slideshow. 

  • Bottom Drain: Most of the waste water of the tank containing fecal material and left over feed leaves the tank through the bottom drain. This water is sent to the RFS to concentrate the solids by gravity in the cone shaped structure of the RFS. By opening the valve periodically, these solids are flushed out of the system as effluent. When the valve is closed this bottom drain water will settle out in the RFS and the cleaner of this water overflows to be recirculated.
  • Side Drain: Most of the tank water flows out of the tank through the side drain. This cleaner water of the tank is sent directly to the recirculation pipe.
  • Recirculation: The water that will be recirculated is gravity fed into the recirc sump where it will be pumped up to a degassing/aeration column to be aerated and stripped of carbon dioxide. This is done by percolating the water through a matrix of plastic material. The recirculation water is then sent to the tanks via a gravity distribution line. 
  • Key Points: This is a partial recirculation system, which will recirculate 50-70% of the water. This system does not require a drum filter nor a biofilter which will greatly decrease equipment costs, while still practicing sustainable aquaculture by conserving water. This system is showing to work well at low densities, higher densities may require an additional drum filter for solid removal.

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