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Take a peek at some of the positions UW-Stevens Point CNR graduates hold. Whether you are a recent graduate or a longtime alumna/alumnus, you can make an important difference for today's students in the College of Natural Resources. To add your information, please fill out the form below or here

CNR Alumni Stories

Our alumni are doing great things in the world! Take a peek at some of their stories and see where many of them are working across the globe.

Bird Lovers Unite

Katie (Brashear) Koch believes she was born a bird lover. When she was seven years old, she wrote a book called “Curious George Takes Pictures of Birds” for a class assignment. Her grandfather, a biology professor, encouraged her interest from a very young age and before she knew it, she was on a path to a career centered on birds.

Rich Heritage in the Wisconsin Hall of Fame

Some of the greatest leaders in forestry are housed within the Trainer Natural Resource building. Many students and alumni have walked right by, not realizing some of the roots of Wisconsin's forestry history stemming from their own Alma mater. [READ MORE]

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