Trunks & Kits

Are you looking for hands-on on teaching resources for a specific topic? There is an amazing array of educational trunks and kits available to educators. Many of these trunks can be borrowed for a few weeks at a time and contain fun hands-on props, posters, puppets, and activity guides. Click on the item you are interested in to learn how you can borrow one for your classroom, club, or nature center today. The WCEE is now allowing some trunks and kits to be shipped for a fee paid by the borrower.


Bat Trunks (K-6)

Educators may check out one of Wisconsin's bat educational trunks for use in the classroom free of charge. There is a K-3 trunk and a 4-6 trunk. Each trunk contains a teacher's guide to help the educator share information about bats as well as many bat friendly books, posters, and videos.

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bat trunks


Bat Trunk (7-12)

This trunk is provided by Project EduBat and is designed to help educators explore the wonders of bats with middle and high school students through fun, hands-on activities. The trunk includes information to educate students about the ecological and economic importance of bats, as well as the threat that White-Nose Syndrome (WNS) poses. For more resources on WNS visit Project EduBat's website.


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BioBlitz Kit Series


The BioBlitz Kit Series provides hands-on resources to enhance outdoor teaching activities. Students will be able to measure, graph, and collect data in any school ground setting. 
Get your students excited and engaged with one or all of the kits. Each kit is available to check-out separately or together depending on availability. 

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Bird Monitoring Kit

The bird monitoring kit contains the tools to help introduce birds to students, build skills of observing birds in nature, and help them gain knowledge about birds.


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bird monitoring

Digital Herbarium (K-12)

The Northern Forest Digital Herbarium contains a digital and print archive of 200 plant specimens that includes a user guide to foster awareness, appreciation, knowledge, and stewardship of Wisconsin’s Northern Forests for learners of all ages.  Each specimen is printed in color on 11x17 paper and includes its Anishinaabe name, habitat, and interesting notes.  The herbarium was created by the University of Wisconsin-Extension (Northern Great Lakes Visitor Center), CESA 12, Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission, and USDA Forest Service.  

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Edible Forest Reference Kit

A wide range of subjects are included in the books and other publications in this reference kit. Reference materials provide information on permaculture, orchards, foraging, and everything in between. Use the kit to help you decide what path to follow and what resources to purchase for your own use. 

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Energy Trunk

The Energy Education Trunk is full of educational resources available for Wisconsin educators to borrow. The Trunk was developed with the middle school student in mind, specifically grades 5-7. They contain materials for five popular KEEP activities as well as energy education videos and hands-on resources.

Energy Trunk Checklist.pdf

Download activities utilized in energy trunk:


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energy trunk


We all live in a watershed with water pollution coming from many sources. This model allows you to visually demonstrate what stormwater pollution and runoff looks like. Rent the Enviroscape Watershed/Nonpoint Source Model for free from the Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education Resource Library for your classroom today!

EnviroScape - Wetland Checklist.pdf

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Emerald Ash Borer Kit

This identification kit will help you learn how to recognize the signs of an Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) infestation. You will also learn where these beetles came from and why they are causing so many problems. The kit includes adult and larval samples of the beetle, along with bark samples showing typical EAB galleries.

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More information on EAB in Wisconsin
emerald ash borer kit


Energy Audit Kit

The Energy Audit Kit includes easy-to-use tools to perform simple energy assessments and behavior investigations in the classroom. Monitor plug load, moisture, light, and temperature levels to find energy loss in any building. Aids in integrating technology into math and science curriculum.

Energy Audit Kit includes:

5 watt meters
5 Infrared thermometers
5 light meters
5 digital indoor thermo-hygrometers
5 flicker checkers
1 handheld thermal imaging camera
1 thermal imaging camera for smartmart phone or tablet*
1 battery charger for thermal imaging camera attachment
1 heavy duty carrying case
1 set of related curriculum activities

*Must download the FLIR ONE app for apple or android to turn your phone or tablet into a thermal camera. Check to see if your device is compatible with the FLIR ONE Gen 3.

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Download Kit Curriculum for Conducting an Energy Audit

Download Kit Curriculum for Discovering Energy Outdoors

Milwaukee educators! Contact our host site at We Energies for a kit near you.


Missie Muth
Principal Customer Program Manager – Customer Experience
WEC Energy Group – Business Services


Green Bay educators! Contact our host site at WPS for a kit near you.

Wisconsin Public Service (Green Bay)
Carrie Rouse
920-433-5572 office

Create Your Own Energy Audit Kit! 
Use this Tool Models Energy Audit_2018.pdf to find specific equipment models to create your own energy audit kit. 


Energy Audit Kit - Take-home

Have students go beyond the classroom to explore the energy they use daily. This kit includes the tools and information needed to explore various uses of energy in the home; including how many appliances pull phantom loads in your home or whether your refrigerator temperature is at its most efficient setting.

Take-home Energy Audit Kit includes: Up to 100 student take-home vinyl bags with a watt meter, digital thermometer, investigation booklet, and activity worksheets.

Take-home Energy Audit Kit Content Checklist.pdf

Download kit curriculum and worksheets

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Looking for ways to expand on energy education in your classroom? Check out our School-to-Home Menu to explore how in-class fieldtrips and visits amplify your energy lessons.

Fish Hotel Kit

Explore the effects of shoreline trees on Wisconsin fish species with the Fish Hotel Kit. The kit developed by University of Wisconsin-Division of Extension Center for Land Use Education at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point, contains a variety of instructional materials designed to help students learn about the benefits of leaving trees in lakes. Trees in lakes not only provide areas for fish to spawn, but also offer shelter to help some species protect their incubating brood. Large submerged trees can host entire fish communities! Recommended for educators of grades K-8.

The Fish Hotels Kit includes:

  • A Second Life for Trees in Lakes - Teacher resource booklet
  • My Lakeshore Field Journal*
  • Fish Hotel, fiction - Full-color, hardcover picture book*
  • Fish of Wisconsin Field Guide
  • Water's Edge - Teacher resource booklet
  • Fish Hotels, non-fiction (20 student copies) - Full-color, companion booklet
  • Fish Hotel Lesson Plan
  • Wisconsin Lakes Trivia Game
  • Fish Hotels Poster
  • A Second Life for Trees Poster
  • Game Fish of Wisconsin Poster
  • Little Fishes of Wisconsin Poster
  • Large Mouth Bass Plush Toy
  • Video links to short videos of fish swimming through real fish hotels

*The books marked by an asterisk are tailored to the Wisconsin standards for science for grades 3-5 (Standards SCI.LS1 and SCI.LS2) but have been used with a wide variety of audiences including camps and special education classrooms.

Download curriculum and resources
Fish Hotel Kit Checklist.pdf

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Fishing for Fun Backpacks

These kits are assembled and maintained by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife
Conservation Office in La Crosse, WI and its friends group, Friends of the Upper
Mississippi Fishery Services. The packs are also available in the greater La Crosse area through libraries in the Winding Rivers Library System. Backpacks have an aquatic theme with hands-on activities relating to fishing, freshwater mussels, aquatic invertebrates and spending time near water bodies. 

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Forest Exploration Toolkit for Early Childhood Education

Help young children get in touch with nature through a new resource kit you can check out to explore the forest in your backyard or neighborhood.


Each Kit Contains: 
Animal track cards
Leaf rubbing plates
Bug magnifying viewer
Magnifying Glass
Naturally Developing Young Brains nature discovery cards
Folding reference field guides for Wisconsin's Wildflowers & Trees

Tracks, Scats and Signs
Good-Night Owl
Look What I did with a Leaf                  
Wild About WI Birds
Mammals of Wisconsin
In Grandpa's Woods

Field guides:
Amphibians, Snakes, Turtles and Lizards
Trees of WI Field Guide
Wisconsin wildlife species fact cards
Wee Recyclers Activity Booklet
Wee Crafts Activity Booklet
Instructional Materials
Wisconsin Project Learning Tree Early Childhood Activity Guide and Music & Movement CD
Project Learning Tree Family and Friends Activity Booklet
Read & Explore in Wisconsin State Parks reading list

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Forestry Education Kits

The high school forestry education kits contain equipment and tools to teach tree identification and management, plot investigations, and navigation using compasses.

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forestry education kit


Forest Health Kits

The forest kits contain equipment and tools to teach about invasive species, 
disease, and other aspects that impact the health of a forest.

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Forest Products Kit

The Forest Products kit allows students to learn about forest products, and associated careers, through hands-on exploration. Students will be able to Track that Product: From Forest to Finish, explore a forest product case study and trace a product’s journey through the forest, processing, and product. Each case study includes information about the tree, properties that make it important for specific products, and samples of the products themselves. In addition, students can compare between 12 specially engraved wood blocks of common Wisconsin tree species used in forest products and explore wood properties, density, and cell structure. In-line with both teacher and industry demands the kit contains a mix of career-focused resources and literacy components. There is no fee for using the kits, but users are responsible for the loss or damage of kit contents. The forest products kit is a result of a partnership between the DNR’s Forest Products staff and LEAF.

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Learn what is inside the kit

View our host sites for a kit near you!

bat trunks

Great Lakes Invasive Species Identification Kit

This kit can be used to help teach students of all ages how to recognize some of the most common invasive species that are harming the Great Lakes. An activity guide is also included to help you learn why these species are causing problems and how to stop their spread. The kit includes 10 preserved examples of both animal and plant species.

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great lakes invasive species identification kit

Groundwater Model

The Groundwater Model is an interactive classroom tool that is designed to show the flow of water and toxins though differing gradients. It can be used in front of the classroom and is easily used by students themselves. It demonstrates the flowage through confined and unconfined aquifers as well as the effects of pumping these aquifers.

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 This item cannot be shipped. You must pick it up and drop it off. 

Groundwater Model

Hand-crank Generator

The hand-crank generator is a great tool to learn the difference between an incandescent light bulb and a light emitting diode (LED). Use your cranking power to discover how much energy it takes to light up two different light bulbs. As you crank, a generator transforms your muscle power into electrical energy.

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hand-crank generator

​Impervious Surfaces Kit

Examine what happens to rain as it travels across pervious and impervious surfaces.  This kit contains materials for a surface demonstration along with resources and posters that can be used to help students understand run-off and the impact it has on our lakes, rivers, and streams and the fish that live there.

Download Curriculum & Resources (Understanding Community Systems Impervious Surfaces and Flood Control Lesson)

Impervious Surfaces Kit Checklist.pdf

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LEAF K-8th Grade Kits

LEAF K-8th Grade Kits correspond to the K-1st grade, 2nd-3rd grade, 4th grade,
5-6th grade, and 7-8th 
grade LEAF Lesson Guides. These kits contain supplemental lesson materials, fiction and non-fiction books focused on Wisconsin forests, and equipment for students to use when exploring in the forest. Each kit is different based on the lessons within each guide.


Visit the Kits' Web page to request one of the kits


Pedal Power

The Pedal Power® is a tool that you can use in your classroom to teach about energy production, use, and conservation. Students can actually ride a stationary bike to power a generator, which in turn powers an incandescent light bulb, a compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL), a LED light bulb, a hair dryer, radio, and a fan. A photovoltaic (PV) panel is available for use to power the equipment above as well. 

Pedal Power Checklist.pdf

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This item cannot be shipped. You must pick it up and drop it off.  

Other Pedal Power Locations:
Fennimore: Contact Tom Martin at CESA #3 for more information about their Energy Bike (not a Pedal Power) available to schools who subscribe to the CESA #3 Media Center/van service. or 608.822.2154.

Madison: Madison Gas & Electric (MGE) has a Pedal Power available to their customers. Please contact Jim Jenson at or call 608.252.7091.

Milwaukee: Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful, 1313 W Mt. Vernon Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53233. Contact Betsy Bolte for more information, 414.272.5462​. To reserve, please fill out this reservation form

pedal power

Sun Oven

The Global Sun Oven is a great tool that cooks delicious treats while students learn about the potential of sun power. Use the Sun Oven to spark a discussion on the possibilities and benefits of using renewable energy, like solar thermal energy. The oven comes with two cooking pans.

This item cannot be shipped. You must pick it up and drop it off.

Sun Oven Checklist.pdf

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Watts Up? Meter Kit

Watt Meters are a tool that can be used to measure the electric usage of appliances. By plugging an appliance into the meter and then into a socket, you can measure the actual electric use of a particular appliance. You can also try contacting your local library to see if they have a watt meter to check out.

Watt Meter Kit includes:

  • 10 watt meters
  • 1 activity binder
  • 1 energy information booklet

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Wildland Fire Kit

The Wildland Fire Kit includes equipment to model what professional wildland firefighter's use in the field. It includes protective gear, digging tools, mapping devices, and weather-monitoring equipment. Increase literacy skills with various fiction and non-fiction books focused on wildland firefighting and the cultural and historic practices of fire management. Pair this kit with LEAF's K-12 Wildland Fire Lesson Guide (included in the kit) to teach students basic wildland fire principles. Note: this kit is for educational purposes only. It is NOT to be used for firefighting.

Wildland Fire Kit includes:

  • 24 compasses
  • 1 drip torch
  • 1 set of fire gloves
  • 1 flame resistant shirt
  • 1 hard hat
  • 1 fire hoe*
  • 1 fire pump
  • 1 fire shelter
  • 1 neck shroud
  • 5 weather meters
  • K-12 Wildland Fire Lesson Guide
*fire hoe cannot be shipped

Wildlife Track Kits

These North American wildlife tracks can be used to supplement your lessons on ecosystems, develop creative art projects, or to enhance animal information sheets in your classroom or nature center. Each track is anatomically accurate and made from durable resin.


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Wind Kit

Students learn about wind through reading and hands-on activities that focus on inquiry and observation. Students learn how wind is formed and used as an energy source. They will explore ways to measure wind speed and direction, and will investigate how wind does work and generates electricity. Students are challenged to choose the optimum blades for a turbine by collecting and analyzing data from multimeters. The kit comes with an activity binder correlated to NGSS and Wisconsin State Science Standards. This kit is recommended for K-8 students but includes activities adaptable for older grades.

Wind Kit includes:

  • 1 activity binder
  • 5 digital wind speed meters
  • 5 anemometers
  • 2 Horizon wind turbines
  • 1 compass teaching kit with 12 hand compasses
  • 2 digital pocket multimeters
  • various fiction and non-fiction books focused on wind energy


Wind Kit Checklist.pdf

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Wood Identification Blocks Kit

These wood identification blocks help bridge the gap between seeing pictures of trees in field guides and seeing the live tree itself! This kit contains 24 blocks of different species of wood. Each block is 4" by 2" by 1" in size. This is a great tool to help students and adults see and feel the difference in colors, grains, weights, and textures of wood.

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wood id blocks kit