Energy Education – Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP)


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The Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP) was created to improve and increase energy literacy in Wisconsin's K-12 schools through teacher education. Leveraging teacher education to improve and increase energy literacy is a means of contributing to statewide energy savings which is a goal of the Program. KEEP is the product of an innovative public private partnership between educators and energy professionals. The Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education (WCEE) launched this effort in 1995.  
The need for energy education is clear when we understand that some households spend more than 20 percent of their budget on heating their homes and fueling cars. Energy issues in the news emphasize the importance of energy education. Our society needs individuals with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will allow them to evaluate and use energy resources wisely. KEEP Child Swinging

Energy education must be an integral part of the school curriculum to produce energy literate citizens. Energy concepts easily fit into all subject areas especially Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM), in addition to Social Studies, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Language Arts courses. KEEP’s curriculum is being aligned to Common Core State Standards and provides multiple connections to 21st Century Skills. KEEP provides frameworks and support systems for a sequential and comprehensive approach to energy education in schools.  

KEEP Initiatives

  • University-accredited courses on energy education, renewable energy, and school building efficiency (including two online courses)
  • Multiple Activity Guides developed through KEEP
    • The Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program Activity Guide
    • Doable Renewables: A Renewable Energy Education Supplement to the KEEP Activity Guide
    • Energy and Your School: A School Building Energy Efficiency Education Supplement to the KEEP Activity Guide
    • Know the Flow of Energy in Your School: A Supplement to the KEEP Activity Guide for teachers of kindergarten through fourth-grade students (available in Spanish)
    • Energy Education Teaching Ideas for Homeschool
    • Biofutures: A Biomass Energy Education Supplement to the KEEP Activity Guide
  • Energy Education Certificate through the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
  • Contests for students
  • Building Science Conceptual Framework
  • Energy Educator of the Year Awards for formal and non-formal educators
  • Funding opportunities for teachers and schools/districts related to energy efficiency and conservation projects and energy education
  • Support to attend networking and training opportunities for teachers and facilities personnel
    • Professional conferences and other events
    • Annual Energy and Sustainable Living Fair, Custer, Wis.
  • Direct support for Wisconsin Green & Healthy Schools, especially for those pursuing the energy and/or transportation focus areas