What Is the LEAF School Grounds Program?

Viewing school grounds as part of the larger urban forest, the program serves as a resource for Wisconsin schools seeking ways to use their school grounds as outdoor teaching sites. The program was designed to help teachers discover teaching and learning opportunities that exist right outside the school doors. Whether a school site is in need of just being used, or needs an overhaul, the program has resources and tips on how to “Open the door and step outside.”

Services Include In-Services & Workshops: LEAF’s expert staff will come to your school to help you assess your site and determine how best to use the site to teach and learn. To Request an in-service or workshop complete this form: LEAF School Grounds Workshop Interest Form.pdf


Research - Studies have shown that students' performance and development improve when they learn in and about the outdoors.
Outdoor Education Research for School Grounds.pdfDocumentation

Lessons for learning outside.
Resources - hands-on materials, grants, and more.

Step Outside
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Enhance Your Site
Taking the next step? It's time to start thinking about what will make your site better.
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Develop Your Site
You've seen the positive effects of outdoor education, now it's time to think big!
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Berlin High School's site development has provided immeasurable learning opportunities for its students. Their dream began with...continue reading