Curriculum Connections
-Physical Science-
UNITS Concepts and Activities that can be learned or facilitated at the School Forest
Chemistry Basics  
Introduction to Physics  
Motion/Direction/Vectors Orienteering
Speed and Distance
Gas Laws Weather
Light Diffraction in Ponds and Streams
Measuring Light Differences in Ecosystems
Measuring Light Penetration in Water (using Sechhi disks)
Snow Blindness and Snow's Reflective Properties
Friction Snowshoeing
Cross-Country Skiing
Sledding and Tubing
Simple Machines Timber Harvesting: How are machines designed to minimize impacts on the landscape?
History of Logging Equipment
Levers and Cant-hooks
Electricity/Energy Solar Power
Trees that Generate Heat
Waves/Sound Echolocation
Decibel Research in Different Habitats
Noise Reduction Capacity of Trees