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LEAF Videos
​LEAF videos provide an overview of forestry education, address the questions:
  • What Is a Forest?
  • Why Are Forests Important?
  • How do we Sustain Forests?
  • What is the Future?

These videos can be used to introduce forestry to students and in conjunction with LEAF or other forestry lessons. These videos are also available on our Moodle site.

Overview: Rationale for Forestry Education


Wisconsin's forest products industry drives the state's economy, providing more than 64,000 jobs and contributing more than $19 billion dollars to the state's economy.

Forest Proudcts Specialist Scott Lyon, Troy Brown of Kretz Lumber, and Ben Zelazoski of Zelazoski Wood Products discuss the many products that are produced right here in Wisconsin.  


Wisconsin DNR Forester Steve Grant discusses the impacts of Wisconsin’s School Forest Program on workforce development and the state’s economy.

Interested in a career in forestry? Check out the forestry programs at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Learn more about LEAF and Wisconsin’s School Forest Program.