BioBlitz Kit Series 

The LEAF BioBlitz Kit Series provides hands-on resources to enhance outdoor teaching activities. Students will be able to measure, graph, and collect data in any school ground setting. Get your students excited and engaged with one or all of the kits below. Each kit is available to check-out separately or together depending on availability.  

Field Guide Kit

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A wide range of field guides are found in this kit. Search for Monarch’s emerging from their chrysalis in September, go on a winter bird watching walk, improve your tree ID lesson with color photos of leaves and branches or discover the names of those creepy crawlies under that log. 

Garmin Handheld GPS Kit

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Get out, explore and develop your students' mapping skills with the eTrex 10 handheld GPS from Garmin. The device includes a worldwide basemap, 2.2” display, both GPS and GLONASS satellites for fast positioning. Kit contains 10 GPS units. Each device takes two AA batteries. Batteries not included in kit.

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Kestrel 5500 Pocket Weather Meter Kit

Weather meter kit_new 4.jpg
Help your students to discover the impact weather conditions have on forest environments. The Kestrel 5500 Pocket Weather Meter is a handheld weather-monitoring device that measures essential environmental factors like temperature and wind speeds. Additionally, an external temperature sensor and waterproof casing allow you to gauge the temperature of water (it even floats) and snow, as well as the open air.

This kit contains 5 weather meters. 

The Kestrel Meter 3000 Wind Meter measures:

Current Wind Speed
Maximum Wind Gust
Average Wind Speed
Air, Water & Snow Temperature
Wind Chill
Relative Humidity
Heat Stress Index

The Private Eye Magnifier Kit

Open optics box.jpg
Bring out the private investigator in your students with the Private Eye Magnifier kit. Great for enhancing outdoor discoveries and heightening student inquiry. Kit contains 36 loupes.

Tree and Log Scale Sticks

Bioblitz Kit Series 012.JPG
Develop your students' measuring and math skills with the Tree and Log Scale Sticks. A Tree and Log Stick is a commonly used tool by foresters to measure tree diameters, heights and lumber potentials. Kit contains 30 sticks.

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