5-6 Wisconsin Forestry Lesson Guide


5-6 Unit:
(8 classroom lessons, 1 careers lesson, 3 field enhancements)
The 5-6 Unit connects the science of forests with human aspects. Students learn about forest layers, ecosystems, and energy flow. This information is related to the value of trees, forest ownership, and management.

Lesson 1 - Me as a Tree | Subject Areas: Arts, Science, Social Studies
Students learn about a tree's functions, basic needs, life stages, and role in the forest community by comparing trees and humans.
5-6L1.pdfMe as a Tree

Lesson 2 - What Makes A Forest? | Subject Areas: Language Arts, Science
Students explore parts of forest ecosystems and forest layers through an interactive game and discussion.
5-6L2.pdfWhat Makes A Forest?

Lesson 3 - Forests are Always Changing | Subject Areas: Arts, Mathematics, Science
Students examine forest succession, disturbances, and renewability by completing a sustainability worksheet and role-playing.
5-6L3.pdfForests Are Always Changing

Lesson 4 - Ecosystem Extravaganza | Subject Areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science
Students are introduced to forest functions such as photosynthesis, energy flow, and the cycling of matter through reading and creating diagram. The role of producers, consumers, and decomposers in forests are also examined.
5-6L4.pdfEcosystem Extravaganza

Lesson 5 - We All Need Trees | Subject Areas: Arts, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
Students learn about the values of forests and their impact on the environment by categorizing values and writing and producing a commercial.
5-6L5.pdfWe All Need Trees

Lesson 6 - What is Management?
| Subject Areas: Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies
Students discover what has happened in Wisconsin's history that led us to modern forestry and about management techniques by creating a timeline and reading a choose your own adventure story.
5-6L6.pdfWhat is Management

Lesson 7 - Who Owns It? | Subject Areas: Language Arts, Science, Social Studies
Students observe how management goals of landowners impact forest ecosystems by studying a plat map and answering questions. They also learn about the roles individuals and groups play that affect forest management.

5-6L7.pdfWho Owns It?

Lesson 8 - Whose Job Is It? | Subject Areas: Language Arts, Social Studies
Students learn about stewardship and how their choices affect the future of forests by participating in a mock town meeting.
5-6L8.pdfWhose Job Is It?

Careers Exploration | Subject Areas: Social Studies
Students become aware of careers that are forestry-related by listening to descriptions of them and playing charades.
5-6Careers.pdfCareers Exploration

Field Enhancement 1 - Woods' Worth | Subject Areas: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies
Students make their own tree scale stick and use it to calculate the number of products that can be made from individual trees. They also go on a scavenger hunt to explore many ways that forests are valuable.
5-6FE1.pdfWoods' Worth

Field Enhancement 2 - Studying Forest Layers | Subject Areas: Arts, Science
Students observe the structural layers of a forest and draw a color-coded picture. They also embark on two exploration activities to discover which animals can be found in each of the forest layers.
5-6FE2.pdfStudying Forest Layers

Field Enhancement 3 - Competition in a Forest | Subject Areas: Science
Students learn how trees compete for their basic needs through observation and a simulation.
5-6FE3.pdfCompetition in a Forest

5-6 Standards Addendum

5-6 Glossary
5-6 Glossary