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School Programs

CWES offers residential and day programs that emphasize education, adventure, and experience for your students.  To make a reservation or discuss program options, contact the Program Manager at 715-346-2798.  School program packages are listed below.  For a more detailed explanation, please check our rate information.  If you are interested in making a reservation, click here.  You can also check out further information about planning a trip to CWES!

Program Length Cost What it includes:
1 day programs $10.00- Lunch available for an additional $9.00 per person if desired Programming in the morning and afternoon, milk and water beverages at lunch
2 day/1 night programs
$64 per student

Programming over the course of 2 days, lodging, lunch and dinner on the 1st day, breakfast and lunch on the 2nd day
3 day/ 2 night programs $104 per student
Programming over the course of 2 days, lodging for 2 nights, lunch and dinner on the 1st day, breakfast, lunch and dinner on the 2nd day, and breakfast and lunch on the 3rd day

  • All one day programs have a minimum fee of $100 per day.
  • Adults do not pay for day programs, unless receiving meal service.
  • Residential programs include full meal service and accommodation in dormitory or log cabins.
  • Full meal service includes lunch on arrival day through lunch on departure day.
  • Adults accompanying residential groups pay only for meals; the fees for programming and lodging are waived.
  • Minimum number of students for residential programs is 15 students.

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