​Wisconsin Rapids Development Ideas

The 2019 spring semester capstone course was focused on Wisconsin Rapids.

The students had two projects this semester that they carried out in assigned teams.

The questions that drove this work included an ongoing conversation about where and how the City of Wisconsin Rapids will approach development in the future is alive and well. Three questions the city is wrestling with include: What do people in their 20’s think about the community? What can/should the city do to appeal to this age group? How can the city redevelop particular areas of the city to make them appealing in general and to specific demographic segments? 

First Impressions Report

WI Rapids First Impressions Report 2019.png

The first project the students worked on was to provide an assessment of Wisconsin Rapids based on their first impression and to prepare a final report.

Redevelopment Plan

The second project was to present a redevelopment plan of a stretch of 8th Street within Wisconsin Rapids. The redevelopment plans each team created was based on a site analysis, precedent research from other communities, and a master plan for an approximate 5-acre site along each student team’s stretch of 8th Street. The reports below start from the northern most stretch of 8th Street and Baker and move south to Nepco Lake.

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