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Wisconsin Lakeshore Restoration Project - Lakeshore Habitat Restoration Educational Outreach Tips

Basic references and lakeshore knowledge building resources
The Shoreland Stewardship Series - Number 1 - "A fresh look at shoreland restoration" [UWEX GWQ0 27/WDNR WT-429];  Number 2 - "Protecting and restoring shorelands" [UWEX GWQ038/WDNR WT-748]; and Number 3 - "Protecting our living shores" [UWEX GWQ039/WDNR WT-764]

"The water's edge: helping fish and wildlife on your waterfront property" [GWQ040 / WDNR PUB-FH-428 04]
"Shoreland restoration: a growing solution" [video running time:  15:31]

"Natural shorelines for inland lakes: a simple solution for lakefront property owners"  Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
"A Glossary of Some Common Terms Used Around Lakes" Washington State Department of Ecology, Maribeth Gibbons Jr.
"Understanding Lake Data" [UWEX G3582] - Byron Shaw, Christine Mechenich, and Lowell Klessig

Public education and outreach program development tips

"New state stormwater rules: what municipalities need to know" [a public education and outreach program development booklet]  Kendra Axness.
"Getting in step: a guide for conducting watershed outreach campaignsEnvironmental Protection Agency

"Conservation action marketing: tools and techniquesSarah Kipp and Clive Callaway (Release 1.5) July 2007, First published 2001.  The Living by Water Project: British Columbia, Canada

"One drop at a time: new resourceful paradigms at 168 Avenue"  Marcus de le Fleur

State standards for lakeshore habitat restoration projects

"Streambank and shoreline protection 580Wisconsin state standard

"Shoreland habitat 643AWisconsin state standard

Plan design and site analysis tools for lakeshore habitat restoration projects

"WDNR pier plannerWisconsin Department of Natural Resources (Aug. 2012)
"Water Division ePermitting System-Waterway and Wetland permit applications guide"   Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources: Madison, WI

"Erosion intensity (EI) score worksheetWisconsin Department of Natural Resources: Madison, WI

"Designing lakeshore habitat restoration projects: 10 stepsPatrick Goggin, UW-Extension Lakes

"Engineering Field Handbook Chapter 16: Streambank and shoreline protectionUnited States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service

"Landscaping at the water's edge: an ecological approach guidebook", "Follow the Flow water assessment tool" and "Integrated landscaping; following nature's leadUniversity of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension

"Understanding, living with, and controlling shoreline erosion: a guide for shoreline property ownersTipp of the Mitt Watershed Council, Michigan

"Vermont low impact development guide for residential and small sitesVermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) - Water Quality Division: Waterbury, VT

"A shoreland homeowner’s guide to stormwater management: protecting your home and environmentNew Hampshire Department of Environmental Services

"Web soil surveyUnited States Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service

"Glyphosate chemical fact sheet-January 2012Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

"The Itasca County Lake Challenge checklist for homeowners"  University of Minnesota-Extension

"Self-evaluation checklist for waterfront runoff"  A project of Deer Lake Conservancy, Burnett County Land and Water Conservation Department, and Harmony Environmental.  4 pp.

"How can I maintain a healthy lawn on my lakeshore?"  Lake Home and Cabin (second edition), University of Minnesota Extension

Native plant nurseries and other lakeshore habitat restoration consulting professionals, plant list examples, and local shoreland restoration guide examples

"Native plant nurseries in WisconsinWisconsin Department of Natural Resources/UW-Extension
"Restoration consultants in Wisconsin"  Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources/UW-Extension

"Lakeshore habitat restoration professionals listing - Crews 1 to 3"  Wisconsin Lakes Partnership / UW-Extension Lakes

"Customizing your shoreland restoration plan web tool"  Langlade County

"List of recommended upland plant species for shoreland restoration in Vilas County, WI"  and "List of recommended wetland plant species for shoreland restoration in Vilas County, WINovember 11, 2011.  Mariquita Sheehan, Vilas County Land and Water Conservation Department

"Native plant lists for Polk CountyPolk County Land and Water Resources

"List of common shrubs, trees, wildflowers, and groundcovers for Lincoln County restorationsLaura Boquist, Lincoln County Planning and Zoning

"A homeowner's guide to native shoreline gardensWalworth County

"Controlling runoff and erosion from your waterfront property: a guide for landowners" and "Shoreline buffer restoration: a guide for landownersBurnett County

"Shoreland restoration guide"  Ashland, Bayfield, Douglas, and Iron Counties

"Temporary fencing examplePatrick Goggin, UW-Extension Lakes for the Wisconsin Lakesore Restoration Project

"Showcasing work horse species"  Patrick Goggin.  2009.  Lakeline [A publication of the North America Lake Management Society (NALM's)] Volume 29, Number 1-Spring: pp. 30-33.

"Native caterpillars, moths, and butterflies and host native woodies"  Doug Tallamy.  2014.  Wild Ones Journal March/April: pp.  10-11.

"Cues to care: the language of neighborly landscaping2011.  Wild Ones Journal-September to December: 1-2.

Grant funding and other local support for lakeshore habitat restoration projects

Restoration ecology's connection to lakeshore habitat restoration projects

"Restoring ecological health to your landSteven I. Apfelbaum and Alan Haney
"The restoring ecological health to your land workbookSteven I. Apfelbaum and Alan Haney

"Introduction to restoration ecologyEvelyn A. Howell, John A. Harrington, and Stephen B. Glass

"Guidelines for developing and managing ecological restoration projects​"  The Society for Ecological Restoration International

Case studies from several Wisconsin lake communities

"Lake Mohawksin restoration plan - Sara Park - Tomahawk, WI"  Lincoln and Langlade Counties

"Bony Lake conserve and restore" and "Lakeshore restoration projects 2007 - fish sticks" Bony Lake

"Cloverleaf Lakes shoreland restoration demonstration project: a guide for lake residents - WDNR Lake Planning Grant: LPL-1246-09 & LPL-1247-09" and the "Cloverleaf Lakes shoreland restoration: a guide for lake residents Prepared for the Cloverleaf Lakes Protective Association.  January 2011.  NES Ecological Services: 65 pp.  Hobart, WI

"Shoreline plan powerpoint" Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association, Incorporated

"Restoration stories: natural shorelines"  Shoreline restoration stories from Lake Wissota, Chippewa County; Crooked Lake, Big McKenzie Lake, and Warner Lake, Burnett County; and the St. Croix River, Douglas County

"Post Lake dam, Otter Lake, Cty. C & Hwy. 45, and Old Langlade Ranger Station demonstration site map and tour guide"  Langlade County

"1,000 rain gardens" City of Madison

"University of Wisconsin- Madison Arboretum" Madison, WI

"Testimonials by Wisconsin lakeshore property owners"  The Healthy Lakes team

Community based social marketing and tips for communicating with potential lakeshore habitat restoration partners

"Property owners heard: protecting Long and Des Moines Lake", "Campaign to promote natural lakeshores - Burnett County, Wisconsin", "Shoreland habitat protection social marketing strategies", "Using natural resource marketing to encourage lake protection", and "Marketing lake protectionJohn Haack, UW-Extension and Bret Shaw, UW-Extension / University of Wisconsin-Madison

"Property owner beliefs and goals related to shoreline maintenance behaviors2015.  Amato MS, Shaw BR, Haack J, and Moore CF.  Lake and Reservior Management 31(1): 44–49.

"Crafting your lake message: applied social science approaches Aaron Thompson, UW-Stevens Point / UW-Extension, Advanced Lake Leaders Session: September 30th, 2015.

"The challenge of motivated cognition in promoting lake health among shoreline property owners: biased estimation of personal environmental impact2016.  Amato MS, Shaw BR, Olson E, Turyk N, Genskow K, and Moore CF.  2016.  Lake and Reservior Management 32(4): 386–391.

"Fostering sustainable behavior: community based social marketing"   Doug McKenzie-Mohr

"Restore the shore: a community-based social marketing approach2016.  Sue Buckle and Dan Walters.  Lakeline (A publication of the North American Lake Management Society) Volume 36(2)-Summer: pp. 25-30. 

"Blue Thumb: planting for clean water Angie Hong, East Metro Water Resource Education Program - 2010 Wisconsin Lakes Partnership Convention plenary talk
"Water words that work web site Eric Eckl et al

"Rain gardens for Lake Ripley watershed: how a community-based social marketing program can promote rain gardens"  Michele Cipiti et al.

"Conservation action marketing: tools and techniquesSarah Kipp and Clive Callaway (Release 1.5) July 2007, first published 2001.  The Living by Water Project: British Columbia, Canada

"Native shoreland buffer incentives (NSBI) project final report: social research and efficacy outcomes2012.  Karlyn Eckman with Mary Blickenderfer and Steve Henry.  University of Minnesota Water Resources Center.  72 pp.

"Exploring the utility of the stages of change model to promote natural shorelines2011.  Bret R. Shaw, Barry T. Radler, and John Haack.  Lake and Reservoir Management 27(4): 310-320.
"An exploration of place meanings among residents in central Wisconsin2015.  Jennifer Simoni and Kristin Floress.  Lake and Reservoir Management 31(1): 1-10.

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