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Wisconsin Lakeshore Restoration Project - Lakeshore Habitat Restoration Project References 

Challenges created from unsound lakeshore development

Aquatic plants / Native vegetation

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Fish and woody habitat

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Runoff / Sedimentation / hard surfaces

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Wildlife / Aquatic insects

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National Lakes Assessments / other Wisconsin publications and reports

"Lakeshore and littoral habitat structure: a field survey method and its precision2014.  Kaufmann, P. R., R.M. Hughes, J. Van Sickle, T. R. Whittier, C. W. Seeliger, and S. G. Paulsen.  Lake and Reservoir Management 30(2): 157-176.

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"National Lake Assessment fact sheet - December 2009"  Environmental Protection Agency

"The National Lakes Assessment (NLA) 2012 - December 7, 2016"  Environmental Protection Agency

The economic value of water

"Healthy lakes and higher property valuesEnvironmental Protection Agency (EPA) fact sheet.  2 pp.

"The economic value of water" [search tool link]  UW-Extension Lakes
"Economic value of lakes and rivers in Oneida County" [Powerpoint slides]  Oneida County Lakes and Rivers Association, Land and Water Conservation Department, UW-Extension.  16 slides.

"Aquatic habitats and economy of Vilas County"  Vilas County.  Poster.

"Lakes and wetlands and the economy of Vilas County [Powerpoint slides]  Vilas County Land and Water Conservation and UW-Extension.  24 slides.

Community based social marketing

"The challenge of motivated cognition in promoting lake health among shoreline property owners: biased estimation of personal environmental impact2016.  Amato MS, Shaw BR, Olson E, Turyk N, Genskow K, and Moore CF.  2016.  Lake and Reservior Management 32(4): 386–391.
"Fostering sustainable behavior: community based social marketing"   Doug McKenzie-Mohr
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