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Wisconsin Lakeshore Restoration Project - Before and After Photos of Project Sites

Property 1 - Found Lake

                       Before  - note grass kill                                                              After - native trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants
                                                                                                                                         and wood chips applied around trees and srubs

Property 2 - Found Lake
Before                                                                                                         After

Property 3 - Found Lake

Before                                                                                                             After

Property 4 - Found Lake

Before - just prior to installing Shoreson erosion control treament                                           After - fencing system half way installed

Property 5 - Found Lake

Before  - planting crew just beginning on intsallation day                          After - post planting on installation day--let the watering begin

Property 6- Crystal Lake campground, Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest

Before                                                                                                               After

Property 7 - Found Lake


Before - asphalt landing to lake edge                   After
- asphalt landing removed, straw matting and
                                                                                                        turf reenforced matting installed with native plantings

Property 8 - Urban Lake


Before - Chicago Botanic Garden, IL                                                  After
- Chicago Botanic Garden, IL

Property 9 - Statehouse Lake, North Lakeland Discovery Center


Before                                                                                  After

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