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CLMN & COVID-19 Update

Message to CLMN volunteers regarding COVID-19 and 2021 monitoring activities

Dear CLMN volunteers,
Thank you for your patience as we continue to navigate the complications associated with COVID-19. The safety of you, the volunteers, is our top priority. Please remember that you are under absolutely no obligation to conduct any monitoring for CLMN if you feel unsafe doing so, and please do not feel obligated to travel to lake homes just to collect water quality data.
If you do continue your CLMN monitoring activities this year, we continue to encourage you to distance yourself from others while monitoring, wear a face covering if you are in close proximity to someone outside of your household, and follow all local guidelines as well as those from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The State Lab of Hygiene is open and accepting water quality samples. Regional CLMN Coordinators are able to offer training via phone or virtual meetings, and some are able to do in-person trainings with face coverings and 6ft distancing required. If you are in need of training, please contact your Regional CLMN Coordinator or the Statewide CLMN Educator (contact information below) to schedule a training session.

Training videos are available for water clarity and water chemistry monitoring. Those videos can be found at the links below:

Water Chemistry Monitoring Tutorial video - This link is a video that demonstrates how to conduct water chemistry monitoring as a CLMN volunteer.
Water Clarity Monitoring Tutorial video - This link is a video that demonstrates how to conduct water clarity monitoring as a CLMN volunteer.

Thank you for all that you do for Wisconsin's beautiful lakes.

Paul Skawinski
CLMN Statewide Educator
UW Stevens Point / Extension Lakes

Other than monitoring, how else can you still assist as a CLMN volunteer during this time? 
Please take this time to review your 2020 annual reports for accuracy. Click on Graphs & Data By County, choose your county, then click on "Details" next to your lake name to see various reports from each year that your lake has participated in CLMN. 

Enter any data you have remaining from the 2020 season.

Watch the recorded CLMN webinars from 2019 and 2020 if you missed them. A playlist including all of the CLMN webinars to date is located HERE

Inventory your equipment. Will any of your equipment require repairs or replacement this season?

Record observations for your lake, such as water level, algae blooms, wildlife sightings, storm events, etc., if this can be done safely from your home or property.

Review our staff response to volunteer comments provided as part of the 2019 CLMN volunteer survey. See the response document HERE:

As always, thank you for all that you do for Wisconsin's lakes. Much of the water quality data we have for Wisconsin lakes and streams is thanks to you, our volunteer partners. We are in strange times indeed, but we will get through this together and get back to regular activities soon. Hang in there, stay safe, and please contact us with any questions you have.

For more information contact
Paul Skawinski, Statewide Citizen Lake Monitoring Network Educator 
(715) 346-4853
Or go to
The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources site
at (exit Extension Lakes)


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