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This delightful, large-format field guide to aquatic plants in North America is accessible and inviting to general readers, yet detailed enough for use by botanists and natural resource managers. Covering freshwater plants and some found in brackish waters, the book is organized into sections on emergent plants, free-floating plants, floating-leaf plants, and submersed plants. Charming habitat drawings introduce each section. The fine pen and ink drawings for each species showing the entire plant are supplemented, where helpful, with detailed drawings of leaves, stem cross-sections, seeds, flowers, and other distinguishing features. Nature lovers, waterfront property owners, teachers and students, and water resource specialists will enjoy this closer look at aquatic plants, from the familiar cattail and wild rice to the more obscure bladderworts and milfoils.

Features include:
  • 94 species accounts
  • more than 120 illustrations
  • botanical and common names
  • illustrated details of distinguishing features
  • notes on similar species, habitat, annual cycles
  • notes on folklore and human uses of each plant
  • notes on value of species in ecosystem
  • identification as native or non-native species descriptions of origin and range 
What's new in the second edition?
The second edition is revised and expanded to reflect changes that have occurred in the aquatic plant world since the first edition. The scientific names for plants are constantly evolving based on new research about relationships between species and rules of nomenclature. Fourteen of the species in the first edition have undergone name changes. These plants are listed under their new names, but the previous names are also included. Another change in this edition is expanded discussion of aquatic invasive species. Most of these are described under a section called Similar Species to point out key differences between native species and similar looking non-native plants with the potential for invasive growth. Another improvement is more detailed descriptions of pondweed and bladderwort species, including additional illustrations. Finally, a number of species have been added to this edition for more coverage of our regional aquatic flora.

Single Copy Price: $29.95
CASE (11 copies): $230.00
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