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​How's the Water? 

Planning for Recreational Use on Wisconsin's Lakes and Rivers

  The story of water recreation is a story of access. Recreational use on our state's and nation's waterways is growing not just in the number of people taking to our lakes and rivers, but also in the variety of ways in which they use them. The congestion that often results from this demand compels us to consider a fundamental question: Is the quality of the recreational experience we envision when visiting the lakeshore being compromised?

This manual was created to assist those who believe that recreational experiences on our waters should be enjoyable. It is intended for people who believe that working towards limiting frustration and disappointment during a recreational outing is a worthwhile goal. It is intended to be used by elected officials, citizens, property owners and others having an interest in water-based recreation. This manual is a tool to assist in the process of building a healthy lake and river ecosystem and a strong lake community.
The manual is divided into five chapters, each of which lays out techniques, facts and ideas to limit conflicts and build community. The text provides practical advice, guidance and the insight you need to design a recreational use plan for your lake or river.
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