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Hands-on and engaging energy lessons for teachers, students and their families. These instructional videos hosted by KEEP share our most popular lessons and resources through brief and inquiry-based videos each paired with hands-on activities. We walk students through each activity step-by-step and made sure materials needed are simple and easy to find from around your classroom or at home. Explore each topic further with our recommended links to full-length lessons. 

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 Solar Dashboard Exploration

Learn about how using solar energy data and dashboards in the classroom can meet your teaching goals. Whether your K-12 school has a solar array or not, solar PV generation dashboards are a powerful way to bring the topic of renewable energy to life in the classroom and connect to concepts of spatial thinking, scientific inquiry, and data literacy.  Learn how to how to access, navigate, and interpret information found in a typical solar PV generation dashboard and choose from four lessons to implement in the classroom.

Instructional Support

  • Introduction to Solar Dashboards as a Teaching Tool  |  Watch Here

  • Solar Dashboard Navigation Tutorial  |  Watch Here 

  • Solar Energy Potential: Dashboard Technology as a Teaching Tool for Inquiry  |  Register 

    This self-paced online course provides the educational framework and step-by-step guidance to integrate solar PV generation data and dashboards into your classroom.

Solar Dashboard Lessons

 Elementary.jpgLower Elementary Solar Dashboard Exploration  |  Recommended for 1st - 4th grades 

 MiddleSchool.jpgMiddle Grades Solar Dashboard Exploration  | Recommended for 5th-8th grades

 nonformal.gifNon-formal Solar Dashboard Exploration  | Recommended for 5th-8th grades

GIS.gifSolar Energy Potential Dashboard Global Inquiry  | Recommended for 9th-12th grades

Math.gifMath Solar Energy Potential Dashboard  | Recommended for 9th-12th grades

map words.gifA Map is Worth a Million Words  | Recommended for 6th - 12th grades


 Clean Energy Careers

Clean Energy Careers - Videos & Companion Lessons

Learn how Wisconsin's transition to a clean energy economy is accelerating new career paths. 

Slipstream partnered with KEEP, WPPI Energy, and Xcel Energy to create educational videos in support of local schools and to encourage young minds to consider career opportunities within the energy sector - especially the clean energy space. Join us for a  behind the scenes look into some of the careers on the front line of the clean energy future and the people that are making an impact every day here in Wisconsin. 

Watch the Series

  • Leading the Way with Policy
  • Solar Energy Careers featuring a Solar Project Manager and Solar O&M Technician 
  • Home Performance Consultants and Energy Auditors
  • Exploring the Chippewa Valley Technical College's Electric Power Distribution Program
  • Utility Careers featuring an Electric Superintendent and a Lineworker (Distribution)
  • Facility Operations in Healthcare 
  • Clean Energy Careers in Hydropower
  • Accelerating Careers in Electric Vehicles
  • HVAC Careers

Recommended for grades 6-12

Access Classroom Resources: 

Each link navigates to a Google slide show that includes a link to student worksheet on Slide 3

 Exploring Energy Outdoors

Join KEEP as we visit Boston School Forest in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, to explore energy outdoors for K-6 students and their families. This series of four outdoor-based, hands-on activities explores how wind and solar energy are formed and work.

Watch the Series

Download Resources

Video series includes:

Grades K-3 

Seeking Shadows - How the Sun Moves

Activity Format:


Google Doc

Google Slide

More from KEEP:

Shadows in the Schoolyard

​Wind in the World - How does the Wind Work

Activity Format:


Google Doc

Google Slide

More from KEEP:

Mapping Wind in the Classroom

Grades 4-6

Shoebox Solar Cooker - The Sun as an Energy Source

Activity Format:


Google Doc

Google Slide

More from KEEP:

Shoebox Solar Cooker

​Wind Scale - How Fast is the Wind

Activity Format:


Google Doc

Google Slide

More from KEEP:

Schoolyard Breezes

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