Appliance Survey

This is a required assignment for those enrolled in the Energy Education: Concepts and Practices online module. However, it is also available for anyone who is interested in learning about energy consumption of various appliances, including the energy they consume even when they're turned "off".

The purpose of this activity is to teach you how to calculate the energy consumption of various appliances around your home or school.
  1. Print out hard copy of Appliance Survey (Appliance Survey Sheet.doc or PDF version). Start by doing a light count and calculating the watts used in one room.
  2. Follow the directions on the survey to calculate watts for various appliances and lighting devices. See "Wattages of Small- and Medium-Sized Electrical Appliances and Equipment Found in Homes and Schools" Chart for more information.
  3. Look for appliances that are leaking electricity.
  4. Submit answers electronically if required by instructor.
  5. NOTE: Do not indicate units ("watts" or "hrs/day") in your answers in Row 2, Row 3, and Row 6.

If you submit the form and get an ERROR message, please disregard it as they do still come through. 

If you have questions, contact KEEP at . Thank you!

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