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Energy Educator of the Year

Two awardees will be selected Energy Educator of the Year and will receive $1,000 (payable to their school or organization) to be applied to further their energy education efforts and be honored at the Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education's Celebration of Excellence Awards Banquet

Submission Process

We encourage you to collaborate with a team familiar with the nominee's efforts to complete the nomination as follows:

  1. Complete the online nomination form linked below.
  2. Submit up to two letters of support (optional).

Nomination Deadline: April 10

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Award Program Overview

The Wisconsin K-12 Energy Education Program (KEEP) annually sponsors the Energy Educator of the Year Award. The annual nomination process and announcement of winners helps to increase the visibility of the network of outstanding educators across the state of Wisconsin empowering students, teachers and community members to make wise energy choices. 

Program Rationale

This award serves to recognize and reward exemplary energy educators in the state of Wisconsin. By highlighting individuals who have made energy education a priority in their teaching and outreach initiatives, this program helps to demonstrate the importance of energy education to increasing the energy literacy of Wisconsin citizens and improving the quality of life in Wisconsin toward more sustainable human and natural communities. As leaders, these formal and nonformal educators serve as role models helping learners gain the knowledge and skills needed to analyze and resolve energy issues and ultimately adopt energy-saving attitudes and behaviors. 


Nominees must be current Wisconsin residents who demonstrate strong commitment to helping members of their community understand energy concepts and management practices through leadership or development of energy education programs, projects, and/or initiatives. We are looking for individuals whose use of creative educational strategies and resources raises energy awareness, understanding and action among their communities. Self-nominations are also welcome. 

Past recipients have included Wisconsin K-12 classroom teachers, school and community volunteers, higher education and technical college instructors, gas and electric utility professionals, engineers and architects, energy and facilities management experts, and directors and staff of non-profit energy-focused organizations. Preference given to educators impacting K-12 schools, teachers, and students in measureable ways.

Past Recipients of the Energy Educator of the Year Award

Selection Criteria

Nominations should highlight an applicant’s exemplary actions and experiences in one or more of the following areas:

  • Professional Development (leadership, teaching courses, participating in trainings or workshops, etc.)
  • Curriculum and Resources (developing curriculum, creating teaching aids, using resources effectively, etc.)
  • Networking and Outreach (presentations, organizing conferences and events, creating websites, etc.)
  • Student Involvement (leading clubs and after-school projects, service learning, career development, etc.)
  • Other activities or notable accomplishments that do not fall within the preceding categories (e.g., fundraising, community service, program design or direction, etc.)

Announcement of Recipients

Nominations will be reviewed by an Awards Selection Committee, typically composed of teachers/instructors, outreach specialists and industry professionals, in April. Two awardees will be selected, with preference given to educators impacting K-12 schools, teachers, and students. Award recipients will be notified no later than end of the first week of June via email.

Award Recognition and Reward

Each Energy Educator of the Year Award recipient will receive $1,000 (payable to their school or organization) to be applied to further their energy education efforts and be honored at the Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education's Celebration of Excellence Awards Banquet. Acknowledgement of award will be shared through the Wisconsin Center for Environmental Education's (and its programs') websites, social media, and printed materials.


Contact 715.346.4770 or email keep@uwsp.edu.

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