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​Energy Education Activity Guide
Doable Renewables: 
Renewable Energy Education
​Energy and Your School: School Building Energy Efficiency
​Know the Flow of Energy in Your School (K-4)
​Biofutures: Biomass Energy Education


​Theme I: We Need Energy
Theme II: Developing Energy Resources​
Theme III: Effects of Energy Resource Development
​Theme IV: Managing Energy Resource Use
Classroom Energy Flow
Detecting Schoolyard Food Chains 
Energy from Food
Evidence of Energy
Exploring Heat
Let the Sun Shine Through
Light Savers
Mapping Wind in the Classroom
Photosynthesis Promenade 
Pulling the Plug on Phantom Loads
Schoolyard Breezes 
Shadows in the Schoolyard 
The "Sun"wich
Sun, Wind, Water 
Taking Temperatures
What the Sun Does for Me 
What the Wind Does for Me
Would You Heat with Wood
Digging for Coal 
Electric Charades 
Fueling Around
Renewable Candy Resources
Solar Explorations
Waterwheels, Windmills, and Turbines
What Renewable Energy Does for Me
Where Does It Get Its Energy


At Watt Rate
Community Energy Use
Cost of Computers
Diminishing Returns 
Energy Story
Energy Use in an Ecosystem
Food Chain Game
People Power
Potentially Kinetic
Roasted Vittles 
Station Break
Advertising Biodiesel
Circuit Circus
Electric Motors and Generators
Energy Debate
Energy Divide 
Fuel That Power Plant 
Get That Gasoline 
Geothermal Gazette
Harnessing Nuclear Energy
Over the Years
Shoebox Solar Cooker
So You Want to Heat Your Home?

Advertising Energy
Catch That Wind
The Cost of Using Energy
Dealing with Nuclear Waste 
The Dirty Half Dozen 
Don't Waste Waste
Energy Use Then and Now
Reading Utility Bills 
Reading Utility Meters
Renewable World

Community Design - It's a Gas 
Design a Cool School 
Don't Throw Away Energy
Roadside Renewables 
School Savings
Solar Transmissions
Why Use Renewable Energy? 
Demanding School Electric Bills
Energy Investigations for School Bldgs.
Light and Your Load

Puzzling WI's Biological Communities
Biomass Gazette
The Miracle of Solar Cells 
Biofuel Beliefs
Driving Reasons 
Energy Investigations
Energy Investigations for School Bldgs.
Energy Prices & Laws of Sply. + Dmnd.
A Piece of the Pie
Careers in Energy 
Corn in Your Car
Energy Action Plan
Energy Futures 
Seeking Inhabitable Schools
Is Your Classroom Energy Efficient?
School Appliance Inventory


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