Robin S. Tanke

Professor of Chemistry

Specialty: Organic Chemistry


Ph.D., Chemistry - Yale
B.S., Chemistry - Notre Dame

Curriculum Vitae

Select Publications

Chemical, Electrochemical, and Theoretical Investigations of [(Cp)Ru(CO)3]+ and [(Ind)Ru(CO)3]+, Badger, R.C., D’Acchioli, J.S., Gamoke, B.C., Kim, S.B., Oudenhoven, T.A., Sweigart, D.A., Tanke, R.S. Organometallics, 2009, 28 (2), 418–424.

Science of Nanotechnology: An Introductory Text, Luanne Tilstra, Dan Jelski, Robin Tanke, Guoping Zhang; Allen Broughton, Alex Popov, Valentina French, Art Western, and Tom George, Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Hauppauge, NY, 2008.

1,2-bis(di(trifluoromethylphenyl)phosphino)ethane M. A. Bork; A. M. Krueger; R. S. Tanke; J. G. Brummer. Acta. Cryst. E. 2008. E64, o421.

2-Amino-4-methylbenzothiazole R. S. Tanke, B. M. Foxman Acta Cryst. E.2007, E63, o4718.

Synthesis of isolated silver nanoparticles and their aggregates manipulated by light A. K. Popov *, J. Brummer , R. S. Tanke , G. Taft , M. Loth 2, R. Langlois , A. Wruck , R. Schmitz Laser Physics Letters Published Online: 16 Aug 2006

Honors and Grants

  • 2009 IT minigrant, upgrading the Performance & Security for the Chemistry Departments Cary UV/Visible Absorption Spectrometer 2009 UPDC grant, “Preparation, Characterization, and Reactivity Studies of Germanium Compounds.”
  • 2008 IT minigrant, Purchase of Cambridge Structure Database 2009
  • 2007 UPDC Publications Funds
  • 2007 L&S Enhancement Fund , “Crystallography Summer School,”