David Snyder

Associate Professor of Chemistry


Ph.D., Environmental Chemistry & Technology - University of Wisconsin - Madison
B.S., Chemistry Education - Ferris State University

Select Publications

Snyder, D.C., Rutter, A.P., Worley, C., Olson, M., Plourde, T, Bader, R.C., Dallmann, T.R., and Schauer, J.J. (2010), Spatial variability of carbonaceous aerosols and associated source tracers in two cities in the Midwestern United States, Atmospheric Environment, 44, 1597-1608.

Gross, D.S., Atlas, R., Rzeszotarski, J., Turetsky, E., Christensen, J., Benzaid, S., Olson, J., Smith, T., Steinberg, L., Sulman, J., Ritz, A., Anderson, B., Nelson, C., Musicant, D.R., Chen, L., Snyder, D.C., Schauer, J.J., (2010), ENCHILADA: Environmental Chemistry through Intelligent Atmospheric Data Analysis, Environmental Modeling & Software, 26, 760-769.

Rutter, A.P., Snyder, D.C., Schauer, J.J, DeMinter, J., and Shelton, B. (2009), Sensitivity and bias of molecular marker based aerosol source apportionment models to small contributions of coal combustion soot,Environmental Science & Technology, 43, 7770–7777.

Snyder, D.C., Rutter, A.P., Collins, R., Worley, C. and Schauer, J.J. (2009), Insights into the origin of water-soluble organic carbon in atmospheric fine particulate matter, Aerosol Science & Technology, 43, 1099-1107.

Snyder, D.C., Schauer, J.J., Gross, D.S., and Turner, J.R. (2009), Estimating the contribution of point sources to atmospheric metals using single-particle mass spectrometry, Atmospheric Environment, 43, 4033–4042.

Stone, E.A., Zhou, J., Snyder, D.C., Rutter, A.P., Mieritz, M.M., and Schauer, J.J. (2009), A comparison of summertime secondary organic aerosol at contrasting urban locations. Environmental Science & Technology, 43, 3448–3454.

Professional Affiliations

  • American Association of Aerosol Researchers (AAAR)
  • American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • American Geophysical Union (AGU)