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Kathryn McGarry

Assistant Professor of Chemistry


Organic chemistry, X-ray crystallography


Postdoctoral Research Associate - University of San Diego

Ph.D., Organic Chemistry - University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

B.S., Chemistry - University of St. Thomas

Select Publications

  • Marcum, J. S.; McGarry, K. A.; Ferber, C. J.; Clark, T. B. Synthesis of Biaryl Ethers by the Copper-Catalyzed Chan-Evans-Lam Etherification from Benzylic Amine Boronate Esters. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2016, 81, 7963-7969.
  • McGarry, K. A.; Duenas, A. A.; Clark, T. B. Selective Formation of ortho-Aminobenzylamines by the Copper-Catalyzed Amination of Benzylamine Boronate Esters. Journal of Organic Chemistry, 2015, 80, 7193-7204.
  • Hale, L. V. A.; McGarry, K. A.; Ringgold, M.; Clark, T. B. Role of Hemi-Labile Diamine Ligands in the Amine-Directed C–H Borylation of Arenes. Organometallics, 2015, 34, 51-55.
  • McGarry, K. A.; Hurley, K. R.; Volp, K. A.; Hill, I.; Merritt, B.; Peterson, K. L.; Rudd, P. A.; Erickson, N. C.; Seiler, L. A.; Gupta, P.; Bates, F. S.; Tolman, W. B. Student Involvement in Improving the Culture of Safety in Academic Laboratories.  Journal of Chemical Education, 2013, 90, 1414-1417.
  • McGarry, K. A.; Xie, W.; Sutton, C.; Risko, C.; Wu, Y.; Young, V. G.; Brédas, J.-L.; Frisbie, C. D.; Douglas, C. J. Rubrene-Based Single-Crystal Organic Semiconductors: Synthesis, Electronic Structure, and Charge-Transport Properties. Chemistry of Materials, 2013, 25, 2254-2263.

Professional Affiliations

American Chemical Society

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