University Centers Event Planning Checklist

​1. Make Decision

  • ​Appoint one person from your department/organization to be responsible for each logistic
  • Determine type of event: is it a fundrasier, a weekly meething, a banquet? There are policies that govern the use of the University Centers' space. Click here to learn more.
  • Determine what space your event will require: a booth, small meeting room (with or without tables), large event room, etc. See Reservable Spaces for pictures of the rooms available.
  • Determine when: date(s) and time. Actual event times are needed in addition to the time you need to get into room for set up. Check the events webpage to see room availability.
  • Will you be having any food at your event? All food services must be coordinated through University Dining Services or have a waiver approved.
  • Will your event require audio/visual equipment? TV/DVD, computer, LCD projector, sound system, etc? Please see what is available via Event Technical Services.
  • Will you hire a performer/speaker? Only the Campus Activities office can approve payment to a performer/speaker, etc. For more information please see their website.
  • Will your guest need Parking Information? Remember, tickets are given to vehicles parked illegally. Click here for more information.

​2. Reserve Space ​

  • For Space in the Dreyfus University Center; log-on to the UW-Stevens Point Reservation website (must have UW-Stevens Point log-on). Click here.
  • For space in an academic buildingclick here.

​3. Request and Confirm ​

  • Room set up (if "as is" set up is not being used)
  • Technical Equipment
  • Submit catering request or submit waiver to bring in food
  • Payment to performance/speakers (if applicable)

4. ​Enjoy Your Event!​