Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proper procedure for generating a University contract?

Pre-Contract Worksheet is required to be completed prior to anything else.  This worksheet asks specific questions about the nature of the services you are going to acquire.  Since it is physically impossible for us to know what it was you negotiated with a performer, it is extremely important that this Worksheet be completed properly. The Pre-Contract Worksheet can be found here.

From there, we will either generate a UWSP contract for the artist to sign, or process the contract that they have sent us.  If you have received a contract for performance from an artist, DO NOT SIGN IT!  Bring it to our office for proper processing.

How long does it take to process a contract?

We request a minimum of six (6) weeks to process a contract.  This allows enough time for all of the necessary paperwork to be processed by the entertainer, our office and the Payment Services Office to ensure that we will have a check in time for the performance.  We will not guarantee payment for a performance if we receive information within six weeks of the performance.

What office on campus handles ENTERTAINMENT and ENTERTAINMENT SERVICES contracts?

The Campus Activities Office located in the third floor Administration Complex of the Dreyfus University Center is your "one stop shop" for all entertainment and entertainment service related contracts.  We can assist you from the very beginning of your program through the payment of services.

Why can't I just sign a contract and get reimbursed for the expense?

To protect students, faculty and staff from legal liability, all official arrangements with entertainers, lecturers, agencies, etc. are made through the Campus Activities Office.  This includes the signing of any and all contracts.  We are sure you would agree that you don't want to be held personally liable for the payment of services to an entertainer – this is what would happen if you do not follow the proper procedures.  If you were to personally sign a contract, you would personally be liable for the payment of that contract.  UWSP will not bail you out!

How do we get a UWSP check for the performance?

After a contract is fully executed (that is, signed by all parties and supporting paperwork completed), you will receive a copy and we send a copy to Payment Services to have a check processed.  The check will be available for pick up at the Campus Activities and Recreation Office on the day of the performance.  It is your responsibility to pick up the check and make payment to the performer.  It is extremely important that you wait until AFTER the performance to make payment.

What if the performer asks for a DEPOSIT?

The University DOES NOT pay deposits for any type of entertainment performance – regardless of the amount of the contract.  This policy is non-negotiable.  The State of Wisconsin's view is that the contract is binding and that it guarantees payment will be made if services are rendered.  If this is an issue with a potential performer, let us know.

My question hasn't been answered here!

 The Campus Activities Office is located in the third floor Administration Complex of the Dreyfus University Center and is open 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Telephone (715) 346-4343.  Questions via e-mail may be directed to Greg Diekroeger at