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The UW-Stevens Point Center for Business and Economic Insight (CBEI) promotes regional economic and community development through the provision of business and economic knowledge to local business, governmental, and community leaders. The primary areas of focus are Portage, Marathon and Wood counties.


The CBEI represents a recent outgrowth of the Central Wisconsin Economic Research Bureau (CWERB) which was founded in 1983. In addition to economic analysis, the CBEI will seeks to foster prosperity by being a source of applied business knowledge for our regional constituents. The CBEI is a non-profit organization whose operating budget comes from the UWSP School of Business and Economics.


The CBEI accomplishes its mission mainly through the publication and presentation of bi-annual reports featuring the expertise of UWSP faculty and other specialists. Each report provides an analysis of the economy at the national, state and regional levels. In addition, a special section of the report is devoted to a topic relevant to local business, governmental and community leaders. These reports are often written by UWSP faculty members and cover a wide range of fields including human resources, data analytics, leadership, community development, and many other areas.  

Two new columns are also included in each report. Prof. Lyna Matesi focuses on issues of talent management in Talent Matters. Guest authors will offer their expertise on recent developments in their field in Insight Spotlight.;

In addition, our chief analyst Prof. Kevin Bahr will be posting articles on important business and economic topics periodically on our new blog. In addition to continuing our bi-annual breakfasts, the CBEI is looking to increase our public presence by sponsoring luncheons.


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